Woe – Withdrawal (2013)

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Woe - Withdrawal Promo

Woe is a black metal band with it’s origins in USA, Brooklyn-via-Philadelphia playing hardcore/black/thrash metal.Now we will discuss about their latest album named “Withdrawal”.This album contains 7 tracks of “black metal against hope”.

The first track of the album,’This is the end of the story’ has not so fast riffs but it still sounds fine,the vocals are lower than the instrumental but in one moment the vocals are transforming from pure black dirty vocals to clean more like heavy-hardcore vocals.The guitars are becoming much more faster and the drums fits just perfectly.

The second track, ‘Carried by waves to Remorseless Shores of the Truth’, begins with a deep growl.The guitar’s breakdowns fits perfectly to the voice,and the drums are using simple patterns .At the middle of the track we have a beautiful guitar solo followed by the screamed vocals. At the end of the song the instrumental slows down and the vocals are being diminished in the background.

The third track , ‘All bridges burn’, begins with a very slow,more like depressive metal guitar rhythm before breaking down into a fast,furious simple blastbeat. Again, into the middle of the track, the guitars are breaking into slow riffs and the drums into simple drumming formations, being followed by a guitar solo.

The forth track ,’Ceaseless Jaws’, begins into a different style than the first tracks,the sound evolving into a more furious, destructive form.The vocals again fits just perfectly with the fast drums patterns and the fast guitar riffs.Again in the middle of the track we have a breakdown into a more relaxed,slow instrumental being followed by the screaming vocals.This track ends with a slow,simple drums pattern.

The fifth track ,”Song of my Undoing”, begins with a simple drum pattern being followed by the guitar in a thrash form.The guitar is braking down and the vocal is taking it’s place.I noticed that the vocals from this track are faster,having portions with a more like heavy metal sound.The simple drum patterns fit just perfectly with the slow guitar riffs and with that heavy metal like voice.The track ends with a furious more complex pattern and a good portion of screaming.

The sixth track, “Exhausted”, begins in a brutal way, with very fast guitar riffs, a simple drumming pattern which fits perfectly with the guitars.We also have a total breakdown,a moment of silence being followed by the vocals.The instrumental is just beautiful,the riffs being fast,brutal sometimes and slow sometimes. The last track, “Withdrawal’, starts with a simple fast instrumental,after that being followed by a more slow, beautiful guitar.The track almost lacks any vocals being a more calm instrumental.

In my opinion this album is a great one but I would change some things like the middle clear vocals which are in almost every track of the album and it’s rather foreseeable. Overall a very good black metal album,a little different than the others but very good.

Rating: 9/10