The Unguided – InvaZion [EP] (2012)

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The Swedish allstar melodic death metal project, The Unguided, featuring members coming from bands such as Sonic Syndicate, Dead by April and Cipher System brings a new potent cocktail with their newest EP named ‘InvaZion’, following their first album, ‘Hell Frost’. For the old-school Sonic Syndicate fans, The Unguided comes as a nice gift for it features the Sjunnesson brothers as well as the Sjunnesson – Johansson vocal duet after their departure.

‘InvaZion’ contains two songs: ‘Singularity’ and ‘Eye of the Thylacine’, both in the same vein as ‘Hell Frost’. ‘Singularity’ has war anthem hooks with revenge and the thirst for justice taking the crown, laced in keyboard moans and guitar ground-breaking riffs. The harsh and clean vocals alternate in creating a balanced sound. The chorus gives the whole song a certain catchier feeling. The only thing I think could make the song sound better would be only if the harsh vocals had more variety when it comes to the range.

‘Eye of the Thylacine’ talks about creation, a certain god complex that lies in all of us and the fight against oppression. The keyboards have a more pronounced role both in the background as well as in the foreground in many parts throughout the song. What’s worth mentioning about this tune is the clean vocal range (for which I sincerely congratulate mr. Johansson) because it really stands out in building a surreal, complex atmosphere.

One can easily say that ‘Singularity’ and ‘Eye of the Thylacine’ complement eachother in this EP as beauty and the beast. The first one has a more aggressive, solid sound, whereas the second brings more melody and softness. All in all, ‘InvaZion’ is a great example of top notch musicianship.

Rating: 8/10