The Fallacy – Love Division (2012)

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2012 brings a new album from the gothic band hailing from Chile, The Fallacy. Their third album wears the name ‘Love Division’. The evolution from the precedent album ‘Beyond The Mist’ is more than visible, the band having a more compact and evolved sound.  So much so, that they seem to have come more and more close towards what their ideal musical cocktail represents.

What is absolutely to be appreciated about this album is the blood, sweat and tears and the emotion that they put in the creation of this. It’s interesting the fact that they have a more old school approach but to me that makes it all sounds more relaxing and catchy. Their biggest growth compared to the last album lies, one might say, in their playing with more instrumental effects especially piano and synths (something pretty obvious considering the genre they are approaching). Songs like ‘No dreams at home’, ‘Love Division’, ‘Force of Nature’ or ‘Drops of Fire’ are strongly written and have put that interesting old school element I was talking earlier about as a central piece.

The Angeline-Marco duet creates a lovely contrast especially because of her voice sounding quite sweet and soft and his hitting lower notes. However, there is a certain thing one might notice in some songs: Marco’s voice tends to get quite flat. He does not play with his modulations as much as she does and that’s a shame. The song ‘No dreams at home’ supports my statement as an example of how interesting and lovely it can sound when he actually tries to swirl his vocal chords around the song more.

Another thing one can notice would be the fact that there is a big quality difference between songs that could instantly be put on repeat and songs I am not likely to remember after hearing the whole album. I guess it’s all in the end a matter of composition, but it would be lovely if the guys could have  tried to attach more hooks to certain songs like ‘Holy or ghost’, ‘Through Separated Waters’ or ‘The Key’.

All in all, ‘Love Division’ made definitely an interesting listening and one can get quite curious towards how the guys will evolve in the next record.

Rating: 7/10