Stahlmann – Adamant (2013)

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From the wave of NDH, alongside the well-known Rammstein,Oomph!, ASP and In Extremo comes Stahlmann (‘steel man’ ) with a neat, pure, german industrial sound. Known from their tracks ‘Teufel’, ‘Spring nicht’ and ‘Tanzmaschine’ , they return with renewed strength. The new album ‘Adamant’ is set for release mid-April and the single ‘Süchtig’ is already out containing the first two tracks of the record.

‘Adamant’ is a record that seems to encompass a variety of values promoted by Stahlmann. There can be found the more aggressive yet with an anthem tone, pedal-on-the-metal tracks like ‘Süchtig’ or ‘Die Welt Verbrennt’. There also are the more soft songs- one of which reminds me of Oomph! when it comes to Mart’s voice – called ‘Wenn Der Regen Kommt’ or ‘Leuchtfeuer’ that, alongside the very prominent keyboards brings a strong crunchy bass sound.  There are the creepy ones: ‘Schwarz’, presenting  a circus-like atmosphere without much aggressiveness but with emotion, and ‘Nackt’ with an overall haunting feeling that lasts even after the song is over. Some songs, however, are meant to stand on their own : ‘Der Schmied’ a track with a very strong industrial even EBM sound, where you can hear the sounds of a smith (‘Schmied’) hitting metal to forge it. Throughout the whole record the keyboards and the guitar riffs seem to be best friends completing each-other!

As a down-side, the only thing I could pinpoint is the fact that I would like to hear Mart’s voice, although strong, explore more different harmonies and ways of singing. I believe it would be a nice experiment and it might  match the very melodic background even more.

All in all, ‘Adamant’ is one of those records that will make you press repeat, and you will keep on discovering new small elements you might have missed.

Rating: 7/10

Stahlmann – Süchtig (click to listen)