Song of the week – part 6

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New week, and today marks the 6th time we will be doing Song of the week, our section released every Sunday with one song recommendation from each of us, based on what has been on repeat this week in our playlist. Here we go!


Manon: Last week I’ve been to the Bring Me The Horizon concert, which was one of the best concerts I’ve seen in a long time. One of their support acts was Beartooth, a band I had heard from before, but never really paid much attention to their stuff. Now, it has become one of my favorite bands. I have picked the song Beaten In Lips for this week’s song, as it had been stuck in my head for days! It can be a heavy song for some, thanks to the lyrics, but they also bring truth with them. I would say, give them a try, and perhaps you will find yourselves having this song stuck in your head as well!


Alexandra: It’s funny that although I did not attend the BMTH concert with Manon, my recommendation for this week comes from the 2nd band that opened for them in the Netherlands, PVRIS. I heard a lot of people say tons of good things all of a sudden about this band whose name I didn’t even know how to pronounce at first (btw, it’s Paris like the town, they just reversed the A xD) but didn’t give them a try until recently when I saw their lead singer mentioned in an article. Anyway, they are really interesting, not as heavy as the recommendation above, me and Manon are sort of like yin and yang at times, but super super catchy. Enjoy!