Sister Sin – Dance Of The Wicked (2013)

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Sister Sin - Dance Of The Wicked (cover)

Sister Sin is a band from Sweden who caught the public’s attention through their reckless, gritty attitude and their passionate sound. A decade has passed since the release of their first record ‘Dance of The Wicked’. This album has been out-of-print for quite some time now so the guys, backed up by their record company, Victory Records, decided to rerelease it on June 25th adding some extra goodies to it: 3 previously unreleased demo songs, a cover of Motörhead ’s ‘Rock’n’Roll featuring Doro (which I highly recommend because it’s beyond catchy) and a bonus DVD with all 9 Sister Sin Official music videos.

I personally really love the old school more unpolished touch of these songs. I believe when you sing rock’n’roll with heavy metal influences that’s THE way to go! In fact this album really sounds like it has been produced back in the 80’s. Fans of Sister Sin stay true to this band because these guys have a very interesting and unique element throughout their songs: Liv’s voice. It has that rugged touch to it that makes the whole thing sound incredibly sexy and empowering! However, on this record, everything sounds a bit more toned down and more innocent (it seems she found her inner strength later on), so it’s interesting to watch her evolution and also the way that 10 years made a difference over their overall sound.

Almost – if not every – song has a solo, which is a big plus because it distracts the listener from the vocals and puts the spotlight upon the instrumental bits which are as important in creating the overall effect! I will not discuss any constructive tips since this album was officially released 10 years ago, but, I would however like to add that, this unpolished element these tracks showcase (including Liv’s voice sounding more mellow), if  nowadays combined with their newer music, could create a sound and a contrast to die for!

All in all, I recommend this record to the old and new Sister Sin fans and the rock’n’roll lovers who are looking for something to spice up their playlist!

Rating: 8/10

Sister Sin – Rock’N’Roll (ft Doro) (click to watch video)