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Simple Lies

Recently I had a chat with 3 of the guys from Simple Lies, a hard’n’heavy band from Italy who are currently opening for Wednesday 13 (congrats, guys!). I discovered 3 super friendly dudes who made me laugh and who are not only talented but also humble. Check what we discussed below, and under the interview a song from them:

Alexandra: Could you start by introducing yourselves and your role in the band? It’s rare that I have more than 2 people together for an interview!

Alessandro: I am Alessandro the singer and I am in the band from 2010. I’m not a former member, but the other two guys are the founders.

Alberto: I am Alberto, the lead guitarist and I founded Simple Lies in 2006.

Lello: I am Lello the rhythm guitarist and I am also here since the start.

Alessandro: As genre we are playing hard’n’heavy, and we have released two albums. The last one came out in September and we are busy promoting it live in concerts and via different media.


That’s how I found out about you! I was wondering, where did you guys grow up?

Alessandro: Every member comes from a different little town near Bologna, in the north of Italy.


How did you each start playing music?

Alberto: I started playing music for girls!

Alessandro: Me too, because I was told musicians are full of girls. It’s true, but if you don’t have the hair it doesn’t work, so it’s a really shitty life..I’m really disappointed


Are you guys happy with the amount of girls you get?

Alessandro: No, obviously not


There have to be more?

Alessandro: No, no, less


I noticed you guys all have your own stage name/nickname. How did you each get yours?

Alberto: That’s a long story! For example, my nickname, Jack H, is from ‘Jekyll and Hyde’. It’s my favourite book and I really like the character. Also, I feel it fits with my personality so that’s why it has become my nickname.

Alessandro: My nickname, ‘Rubb-o’, comes from my last name which is Rubino, so it’s very simple.

Lello: And mine comes from..

Alberto: drunk night


So it just stuck with you!

All: yes!


Well it’s cool that you have nicknames it makes you look more mysterious!

Alessandro: I think so too!


I was just listening to your record and the song ‘Miss Anthropy’ is quite different from the others on the record. What’s the story behind the track and how did you compose it?

Alessandro: The composer of the band is Alberto

Alberto: ..Kind of..

Alessandro: He came to our rehearsal room with some tracks and we tried to put together every idea of every member of the band. Actually, Alberto makes the music and I write the lyrics apart from being the singer.

Alberto: Yes I remember Miss Anthropy. I tried to get this very dance sound and it’s quite different from the other songs because it’s a new approach to the music. It’s more than heavy guitars and strong voice, it’s more particular and you can dance on it too, it was more of an experiment.


It’s a good experiment! I noticed that you guys still have a MySpace page. I sort of thought MySpace kinda died but what has been your experience with the website?

Alberto: We are not really..

Alessandro: Myspace is too old now

Alberto: We forgot about it!

Alessandro: We forgot we have a myspace, thank you for mentioning..we have all the old elements there, we didn’t update it in a long time it does not work anymore.


Except Myspace where can people find you online?

Alberto: On Facebook, on itunes, Spotify, Bandcamp, Reverbnation..


Okay so you’re mostly on streaming websites.

All: Yes!


And what is your experience with streaming websites, which one is the best for you?

Alessandro: For us spotify and itunes because for itunes we get good feedback and spotify is an easy way to share our music.


But I do know that Spotify pays horribly!

Alessandro: Yeah, doesn’t pay. You have to have at least 1000 plays to get something.


By the way since you guys are Italian, how is the current situation in the Italian scene when it comes to Hard’n’heavy or overall metal music?

Alessandro: There are a lot of good bands, but not so many places to play. In Italy the majority of the venues allow only DJ sets or cover bands but for original music theres only very little space.


So how did you guys find your gigs so far?

All: we have our management!


But compared to the bands who play covers, did  you find that you get better reactions from the audience since the music you have is your own?

Alberto: Depends, every situation is different. Also, we like playing the north of Italy more because in the south the situation is not so good and we need to take time from work and it’s far away.


I understood you guys opened for acts like Tigertailz and Sister. How was it?

Alessandro: It was cool! Especially with opening for Skid Row because they are really kind and we had a great time with them. We went to their next gigs in Italy after our show and they remembered us, they were very kind.


That’s really great especially since they are a big band! What did you learn from all these experienced bands that you played before?

Alessandro: To be humble.


That sort of takes me to my next question, because I was curious what artists influence each of you?

Alessandro: We have a lot of different influences..our drummer prefers hard rock, glam from the 80’s. Our bass player likes heavy metal like Iron Maiden, Megadeth. I like a lot of things even progressive metal like Pain of Salvation.

Alberto: For me, the composer of the band..

Alessandro: The poser of the band!

Alberto: ..I like Black Label Society, Alter Bridge, In Flames.

Lello: I like more 70’s music.

Alessandro: Alanis Morisette!


What are your hobbies when you are not playing or composing?

Alberto: Mine is flying. I like Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden and planes and going all over the world to the airport.

Alessandro: I like dynamite fishing and bricolage and Lello likes to cultivate flowers!


You guys have very diverse hobbies! Thank you so much for your time! Any last words for our readers?

Alessandro:’s over? Oh, well..we are sorry for our poor English we promise we’ll really study!


So in a couple of months I’ll check up on you guys!

Alessandro: Yes for the next album we want another interview and we will be Cambridge professors! Thank you for your time and start listening to our music, give us a lot of money!