Rhapsody Of Fire – Live – From Chaos To Eternity (2013)

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Rhapsody of Fire, the parents of Hollywood metal (known more traditionally as symphonic power metal), tried to prove once more that their sound is standing its ground no matter what! After the separation from Luca Turilli (who now has his own Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody), this record was much needed. With this massive live release – 24 songs in 2 CDs – and using older and newer songs, fans worldwide can feel that Christmas is happening once more, just that this time it is set for the beginning of May (3rd of May to be precise).

This release really made me wish I was in the audience when these songs were recorded, because the sound alone shows a great effort and brilliant skills of turning the stage into an epic playground! Choir, sopranos in the background, wind instruments, violins, fans going crazy, and of course the 6 musicians making it all possible. What any big fan will enjoy is the fact that they sing tracks even from their first two albums ‘Legendary Tales’ and ‘Symphony of Enchanted Lands’, as well as from their newest one ‘From Chaos To Eternity’, without forgetting records like ‘Dawn of Victory’, ‘Triumph or Agony’ and EP’s like ‘The Cold Embrace of Fear’ and ‘The Dark Secret’.

Using a few songs as interludes, such as ‘Dark Mystic Vision’ and ‘Ad Infinitum’, they manage to create a sort of expectation towards the actual sound live. The drum solo and the Toccata on Bass represent a sort of interaction between the Holzwarth brothers and the rest of the audience. My favourite tracks were (in no order) ‘The Magic of The Wizard’s Dream’, ‘Holy Thunderforce’, ‘Lost in Cold Dreams’ and ‘I Belong To The Stars’.

I wish I could say more about this epic monster but I do not want to spoil the feeling it creates. All in all, people who love symphonic power metal will love it, and fans will adore it. Rhapsody of Fire sounds stronger than ever!

Rating: 9/10