Powerwolf @ Doornroosje, Nijmegen – 04.10.2015

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Powerwolf (© Jeroen Steinbruckner)

On Sunday the 4th of October I went to see Powerwolf in Nijmegen at the venue Doornroosje. My friends had bought me a ticket for my birthday, and I must say I was quite excited to see them, even if their newest album did disappoint me a little.

Xandria was the first band to take the stage. The Female fronted Symphonic Metal band surely surprised me. I had heard of the name before, but hadn’t paid much attention to them. Yet, their performance surely changed that. Their songs were unique, both their music and the lyrics. Her voice reminded me of Tarja Turunen, and fitted the music perfectly. The solos they played were crazy and beyond imagination, even though the guitar player made it look like it was so easy. Besides their amazing performance, they also knew how to entertain and energize the crowd.

The next band to take the stage was Orden Ogan, a band that was clearly more known to the crowd than the previous band. They’re known as a Power Metal band with elements from Folk and Progressive Metal. Seeing as the crowd was quite excited to see them, I myself had expected them to be great as well. Sadly I got disappointed. At first their music seemed quite nice, but I had the feeling the songs dragged on too long, and it started to bore me. A lot of their songs seemed alike, and the band didn’t quite know how to entertain the crowd, besides our little sing-along during one of their songs.

At last Powerwolf took the stage, and immediately the crowd hooked on. They opened their set with the title track of their newest album, ‘Blessed and Possessed’, and the mood was set right away. Along the night they played a great mixture of new and old tracks, including some of their most favorited and popular songs. Tracks such as ‘We Drink Your Blood’, ‘Lupus Dei’, ‘Amen and Attack’ and ‘Werewolves of Armenia’ were heard, together with one of my personal favorites during the three track encore, ‘Kreuzfeuer’. Their sound was on point, the vocals at times even better than on their albums, and their interaction with the crowd truly made us more entertained than we already were. The sing along ‘battles’ were fun, and the jokes they made throughout the night were good for a laugh or two.

All with all, Powerwolf surely is a must see band. To me, they are a band that’s better to see live than to listen to their albums, as they are made to take the stage. I am sure I will attend their concerts in the future as well, and I can’t wait to do so.