Phoenix (Junkyard 69) – A rock’n’roll child

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Junkyard 69

Here is my confession: I love Rock’n’Roll, Glam and Sleaze metal! I also love the fact that there are more than a few bands out there willing to revive the old school spirit with a new polish. Most of them come from the Nordic countries (Sweden, Finland), however, I managed to find a very talented band coming all the way from Greece. They are called Junkyard 69. Last night I had a fun conversation with one of their members, Phoenix, and I found out some very interesting stuff, so enjoy this interview and listening to a band who shows potential:

Alexandra: First of all, could you introduce yourself briefly and tell us your role in the band?

Phoenix: I’m Phoenix and I play rhythm guitar in Junkyard 69.


How did you guys meet and decide to form a band?

The four of us were childhood friends and the singer came along two years ago when we completed the band. We grew up listening to rock’n’roll and it is something that makes us happy: playing our favourite type of music.


What are your influences from the rock’n’roll scene?

Most of the 80’s bands from the States mostly stuff like Motley Crue, L.A. Guns and W.A.S.P. and there are more, but these influenced us most.


You have a demo album: ‘On a Wing and a prayer’ out there. How was it received by people?

I think more than I expected, the feedback was very good. We had like positive comments coming from everywhere and also some record deals coming at us. I think we were very pleased with everything.


Soon you will release a new album and also a video. What juicy details can you spill about these?

Right now we are in the middle of recordings. It will sound a bit different, it will be heavier and the guitars will have a bigger sound and more melody to them. The older stuff had more of a punk influence but now it will all change. We also have a name for the album and it is: ‘Awaking the Fallen’. About the video, we just finished the shootings like 10 days ago. I believe next month maybe it will be released.


Do you think it is better for a band to be unsigned or working with a label nowadays? What is your situation?

That’s a big question! We are discussing with some labels about some deals but I’m still not sure about what is going to happen, when the album is ready. I think self-releasing an album is a very good option in many ways because nowadays there are not many good contracts. I don’t know what will happen yet. As I said, to self-release a record is a good option but it all comes down to what deals we will receive.


Is there any tour coming up soon?

I think so, maybe in May. Last year around this time we were touring so when the album is out I think we will tour again. I would like to go everywhere but, you know, I would love to go to the States. Unfortunately, that’s a bit complicated right now so UK seems a good place, or Sweden or Finland maybe.


Speaking of Sweden and Finland, there has been a wave of rock’n’roll bands coming recently from the North. Do you think there is a chance of finding a better audience for your style there?

Yes I think this is the case because there are so many good bands over there and people are very interested and excited to listen to them, so I believe it will be great to have the chance to play there. It’s like playing in the new Rock’n’Roll capital. In Greece, everyone seems to be listening to thrash metal or death or black. Rock’n’roll seems kinda dead here.


So how did the Greeks respond to you?

We were lucky, I guess! We had people who were interested in our band and everything seems to go well but our target is abroad. We don’t intend to just stay and perform here. If you want something good for yourself, you have got to go out there!


Absolutely, I agree! I have a bit of a personal question now: How did your journey with music start?

That’s way back, I started to listen to rock’n’roll when I was like 12 years old. I was a bit too lazy when I was young so it took me a while to start learning how to play the guitar. I started at 19 and I already had the guys and we were friends and we always said we should make the band. So I guess it all happened when we decided to learn to play the fucking instruments and do something with it. However we were looking for the right singer for 4-5 years so that took a while. But I think now we found the good guy so it was worth the wait.


Thank you for your time! Any last words you would like to share with our readers?

People should check out Junkyard 69 and look forward to our upcoming album because it’s going to be awesome!