Phase – In Consequence (2010)

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Phase is a quite interesting band. With a keyboard minisolo reminding me a bit of Stratovarius(‘Perdition’), some songs wearing a Porcupine Tree touch(‘Transcendence’) and an interlude which brought my thoughts back to the good ol’ celtic music and Loreena Mckennitt(‘Evening on my Dark Hillside’), these guys hailed the world with their first record in 2010.

From that introduction, you probably understand that with these many different sounds they don’t have a certain genre where they necessarily belong. They sound a bit gothic, alternative, progressive and a very tiny bit industrial because of the synths present. Their songs are mostly spiced up with an oriental touch which sounds at times soothing or rather creepy. The keyboards are, I believe, the most prominent instrument entwining with the string quartet present in a few tunes. The acoustic guitar and stronger electric riffs are balanced. The intro and interlude represent the two instrumental songs that really give a nice quality to the whole record and make the other tracks stick better together.

What these guys could use to make a better record next time is a more polished sound and definitely more vocal harmonies because, although the music sounds passionate and, at times, complicated, the voice sounds in many songs very flat.

All in all, these Greeks seem to be off to a promising start and I’m curious whether their evolution will be as nice as I expect.

Rating:   7/10

Phase – In Consequence (click to listen to the album)