Insomnium, Swallow The Sun, Pressure Points @ The Circus – 08.09.2016

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Saturday evening i had the pleasure to attend a really awesome made-in-Finland gig with something darker and doomier: Pressure Points, Swallow the Sun and Insomnium. I had lots of fun and managed to get some nice shots! Check ’em out!

Pressure Points

pp4 pp5 pp3 pp2 pp1


Swallow The Sun

sts5 sts4 sts3 sts2 sts1




insomnium9 insomnium3 insomnium8 insomnium7 insomnium6 insomnium5 insomnium4 insomnium2 insomnium1

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Poets of the Fall, Softengine & Sebastian Reyman @ Black Box – 30.09.2016

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On Friday evening I had the pleasure to attend the concert of a band I have been loving since I was a teenager: Poets of the Fall! Opening for them were Sebastian Reyman and Softengine. It was an amazing evening, filled with beautiful music and the location allowed for some good shots! Enjoy!

Sebastian Reyman 

sr5 sr4 sr3 sr2 sr1


se5 se4 se3 se2 se1

Poets of the Fall

potf10 potf9 potf8 potf7 potf6 potf5 potf4 potf3 potf2 potf1

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Inglorious & Steel Panther @ The Circus – 15.09.2016

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I’ve been dying to shoot Steel Panther for a while now and I’m so so happy I got to do it! They’re incredibly entertaining to watch and photograph. Their performance was opened by the dudes from Inglorious, a band I wasn’t familiar with, but had tons of fun discovering! Photos below, enjoy!


inglorious1 inglorious2 inglorious4 inglorious5 inglorious3

Steel Panther

steelpanther1 steelpanther5 steelpanther4 steelpanther6 steelpanther2 steelpanther3 steelpanther7

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Of Mice & Men – Cold World – Album review

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Of Mice & Men - Cold World

After I’ve been to one of Of Mice & Men’s concerts, I’ve been rather into them. To hear that they were about to release an album was something which was rather exciting to me. I was curious as to what kind of new music they would release, and whether it would be as good as their latest album, which was something I really enjoyed.

Game of War’ is a beautiful intro to the album as it’s calm and easy to listen to. It makes me curious for the remainder of the album. It does make me wonder when the rougher music will kick in. Clean vocals fit perfectly with the ambiance the music is trying to create. It could have been a little shorter, knowing that it is mostly used as an intro. It is a bit too soft to be such a long song for a band like Of Mice & Men

The Lie’ starts out slow ...

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Lordi – Monstereophonic (Theaterror vs Demonarchy) – Album review

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Lordi - Monstereophonic

I’ve known Lordi for quite a while now. I must say I have to thank the Eurovision Song Contest for that, as I had never heard of them before that. Actually, they were one of the first Hard Rock bands that I started listening to back in the day, and besides their famous ‘Hard Rock Hallelujah’, they surely had way more amazing songs. I was quite the fan of their latest album as well, so finding out there is a new album coming was a great surprise!

The intro surely is setting the tone, as it’s more horror sounding, creepy, just like we know Lordi. The intro leads up to ‘Let’s Go Slaughter He-Man (I wanna be the beast man)’, which does sound amazing immediately. The sound is more uplifting, but it still has a nice pace to it, and it makes me want to sing along right away...

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Philadelphia Dynamite & Barbe-Q-Barbies @ On The Rocks – 09.09.2016

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Last night I went to see two completely new bands for me: the fun guys from Philadelphia Dynamite and the awesome ladies from Barbe-Q-Barbies. I was expecting some fun, kickass music, and both acts delivered! Below are my photos from both sets. Enjoy and click on the photos to view the slideshow!

Philadelphia Dynamite

pd2 pd3 pd1 pd4 pd5


bqb1 bqb3 bqb2 bqb7 bqb5 bqb6 bqb4

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Ember Falls, One Morning Left & Fear Of Domination @ Tuska Afterparty – 2.07.2016

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After the festival madness ended, I decided to also join one of the awesome Tuska afterparties featuring a really badass line-up: Ember Falls, One Morning Left and Fear Of Domination! Enjoy and don’t forget to click on the photos to view the slideshow!

Ember Falls


One Morning Left


Fear Of Domination

FoD1 FoD2 FoD3 FoD4 FoD5 FoD6 FoD7 FoD8 FoD9

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Ghost @ Tuska, Helsinki – 2.07.2016

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The time has come to close the second day of Tuska, and the last official festival act I photographed: Ghost. I still have one afterparty to share with you all! Enjoy and don’t forget to click on the photos to view the slideshow!

Ghost9 Ghost10 Ghost1 Ghost2 Ghost3 Ghost4 Ghost5 Ghost6 Ghost7 Ghost8

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Anthrax, Stam1na @ Tuska, Helsinki – 2.07.2016

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After a bit of delay, I present to you 2 more acts from Tuska day 2: Anthrax and Stam1na! Enjoy and don’t forget to click on the photos to view the slideshow!


Anthrax1 Anthrax3 Anthrax6 Anthrax4 Anthrax2 Anthrax5 Anthrax7


Stam1na1 Stam1na2 Stam1na7 Stam1na6 Stam1na5 Stam1na3 Stam1na4

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The Local Band @ Nosturi, Helsinki – 17.08.2016

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Yesterday I had the pleasure to watch and take photos of The Local Band, a super-group of awesome musicians: Alexi Laiho of Children of Bodom, Archie Cruz from Santa Cruz, Jussi69 of The 69 Eyes and Olli Herman of Reckless Love. The show was really fun and I enjoyed taking these shots! Enjoy and click on the photos to view the slideshow!



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