Omnium Gatherum – Beyond (2013)

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To have a fair start: This is, for now, the most melodic album Omnium Gatherum ever made. Maybe, if you are a fan of the old times, like the EP ‘Steal this light’, you might dislike it a bit but, even if you are, I tell you, it’s worth a try.

Starting the review, the teaser tracks: ‘New Dynamic’ is a fast song, with really good riffs, a very good ambient (as usually) and, once again, great vocals. ‘The Unknowing’, which ended up being the track of the 1st video of this album, is a unique track. More like a heavy-ballad, this song is just different from all that OG made so far, still, it’s obvious to notice their own way of making Melodic Death printed all over this song. This album also has two very long songs, ‘Nightwalkers’, which is 8 minutes long and ‘White Palace’, the last song of the album, which is 10 minutes long (!) and both have …well, the songs have it all: Clean vocals, whispers, an epic guitar solo, changes from a calm riff to a heavy one, both great songs, unusually long, but a good band always needs to create new things, and in my opinion, they got it right.’The Sonic Sign’, is the best song in the album if you are looking for those fast headbanging tracks, great riffs, some very very well made breaks, and great lyrics aswell!

Something that is worth mentioning: They abused the clean intros. FIVE out of ten songs have clean intros. Not saying it’s bad, it’s just that in other albums, the intros aren’t so similar. To have an idea, listen to the intro of ‘Who Could Say’, it resembles ‘The Unknowing’ s one. All in all, Beyond is a great album, less “heavy” than the other ones, but still great.

Rating: 8/10

Omnium Gatherum – The Unknowing (click to view video)