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Noumena - Death walks with me Promo

The fans of the melodic death metal Finnish band Noumena will recall that we have done a review of their newest material ‘Death walks with me’. The review was appreciated by the fans, people who did not know about the band so far and also the members, so I thought to myself an interview with Hannu Savolainen(bass) and Antti Haapanen(vocals) will be a great treat! Not only did we manage to fill in over 20 minutes of Skype conversation, but this interview covers so many topics: from the themes of the new album, the plans for 2013 all the way to what bands they would like to share the stage with and their principles when going on the stage. It was really fun and i hope you guys will enjoy listening to it too:

Interview Noumena (click to listen)

Noumena – Sleep (click to watch the official video)

Antti Haapanen Hannu Savolainen