Noumena – Death Walks With Me (2013)

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I have said this before and I keep on saying it: Finnish metal is one of the best kinds of music out there! Therefore, with melodic death metal being one of Finland’s specialties, I knew that Noumena’s new release (out on April 19th) has to be good. I just did not imagine it to be that good!

As mentioned above, these guys play melodic death metal..with a twist. That twist comes from the female voice -that reminds me of Maxi Nil from Visions of Atlantis- that, in contrast with the rough and brutal range of Antti, makes a great Beauty and the Beast-like effect. I have to admit, it seems like they take very seriously the whole ‘melodic’ term, using it as a backbone for their creations. As songs worth mentioning, there are ‘Handful of Dust’ and ‘Let It Run Red’ which are quite catchy. There is also ‘Sleep’, where the acoustic passages are quite complex and where I felt the need for the female voice to fit with the whole atmosphere. Shortly after I thought about that they delivered the exact same thing.

Also, there is the absolutely brilliant ballad which closes the album called ‘Sundown’. I feel like this is the perfect track for the end of the record, using a string quartet and acoustic guitars to create an intimate feeling. Last but not least, the 8 minutes track ‘Season of Suffocation’ is a complex tune, where these guys get to showcase all they stand for.  I have to say, the only tiny drawback I find in ‘Death Walks With Me’ is the fact that some songs sound a bit flat in some parts, therefore showing less consistency with the rest of the tracks. But I think this matter can be easily forgiven, given the quality of the other songs.

Noumena delivered a solid record, which I believe will remain in my ‘top 5 best melodic death metal albums of 2013’.

Rating: 9/10 

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