Nicumo – The End Of Silence (2013)

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Hailing from the land of a thousand lakes, the melodic metal band Nicumo have released their first full-length album ‘The End of Silence’ on the 19th of April. After two EP’s ‘Close Our Eyes for Good’ (2010) and ‘Scars & Glassy Eyes’ (2011), the band decided it was time to take it one step further. And so they did!

The first thing I would like to say about this album is that it has many influences from well-known Finnish bands. So if you are a fan of Sentenced, Entwine and Amorphis, this is something you will enjoy. Another interesting thing is that if you listen to the whole songs there are many instrumental, vocal surprises and twists along the way that really make a difference. It’s like they say..the devil’s in the details. Last but not least, this is a diverse album and I believe I made out some categories of songs out of it.

First off, the catchy songs that could very easily turn into sing-a-longs at concerts: ‘Follow Me’ and ‘Lines Drawn By Tears’. These songs are very strong from a melodic point of view and they give the impression that they just flow. There are the ones which have a sort of mellow build up until the chorus when a rough, aggressive voice is unleashed (similar to the old school Sentenced songs): ‘All Gone’ , ‘Kills Me’. We also have tracks for a good headbanging session ‘Exorcist’ and ‘My Bullet’. And there is also something that I believe holds the place of the ballad on the record ‘My own Silence’. But throughout all these tracks there is an element that keeps on persisting: melancholy.

I was intrigued by ‘Devil’ because the beginning of this one  sounds so similar to ‘No One There’ by Sentenced so I was curious if this will turn out to be some sort of cover; however after 40 seconds the rhythm changes suddenly. And this is something that I would like to point out as a constructive tip: the guys have to look into the sudden rhythm changes they showcase in different songs. They are a bit steep and might make the audience lose track of where the song is meant to go. In this case, a clear melodic backbone from the beginning to the end can be of help.

I have to say, ‘The End Of Silence’ represents a good melodic start and the guys do show potential. All they need is support.

Rating: 7/10

Nicumo – The End of Silence Album Teaser (click)