MONKEY3 – The 5th Sun (2013)

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Monkey3 - The 5th sun cover

I don’t know much about MONKEY3 and I had no idea what psychedelic Stoner Rock would sound like. I mean I could imagine but it is way better to hear it. After listening to ‘The 5th Sun’, I got its meaning: this is music you can use to escape reality and emerge in your own fantasy world(s). As far as the MONKEY3 goes, it is a Swiss band and this record is its fourth, containing influences from bands like Porcupine Tree, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin. The album is already out in a couple of European countries, but most of them will receive it after 30 October.

So, how does ‘The 5th Sun’ sound like? A few songs seem to have a similar recipe: the track starts off stronger with more guitars and drums used in a rather progressive manner and after a few minutes, it seems like the music has a brain of its own and once it gets tired of going loud, it drifts into a soft and relaxing place where keyboards and soft guitar sounds fill the air. This is the case for tracks like ‘Icarus’ or ‘Once we were..’. I would also like to point out that Icarus is the masterpiece of this album, 14:56 minutes of relaxation and genuinely it sounds like this song is happy, and that made me smile too. A couple of other songs, like ‘Suns’ or ‘Circles’ have some old school even jazzy influences. ‘Suns’ in particular has a beautifully sounding beginning of 3 minutes before it turns into something harder. Those 3 minutes are incredibly pleasant and although I do not like 60-70’s rock, these guys took the best parts of it and gave it a spin of their own.

This record has a rather unusual setlist: 6 songs of out which one is almost 15 minutes long, two tracks are over 8 minutes and the other 3 have 6, 5 and 4 minutes each. However, that should not stop anyone from having fun while being immersed in this music.

I’m trying to look for something that needs to be improved but this is so different than most things I normally listen to and yet it is not bad..not at all. So I will stop looking and I will leave you with one of my thoughts about this, hoping you will want to try out yourselves: Finally a band that can send a great vibe and message without needing a vocalist!

Rating: 9/10