Lady Beast – Lady Beast (2013)

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Lady Beast is a band hailing from the US, who just released its first self-titled record on the 1st of June via INFERNÖ Records. The group formed back in 2009 and have previously released a self-titled LP (only for vinyl) record in 2011. After a few line-up changes, the only original remaining members are Deborah Levine (vocals) and Greg Colaizzi (bass).

‘Lady Beast’ looks like a good beginning for a band. It seems that the genre chosen to play is a  combination between heavy metal  and rock’n’roll/hair metal (I spotted influences from Iron Maiden and Judas Priest all the way to Twisted Sister and even a bit of KISS). Listening to this album made me take a walk down memory lane to my childhood when my father was showing me rock bands for the first time. The whole effect seems to be amplified by the fact that the band uses that old school unpolished sound for every track. The instrumental parts will take the listener in a headbanging ride and I really appreciate the fact that every song contains a kickass solo, especially in ‘Ram It Down’ (Judas Priest cover) one can notice the effort put in the overall sound.

However, this album has certain things that could be improved and I would like to constructively pin point them: Deborah’s voice has the drive for the songs but it does not sound strong enough to match the instrumental bits. Therefore, more than one song builds up the audience for something fierce that in the end gets only 50% delivered. Other than that, one thing that seems to happen is that after a first listen some tracks seem repetitive. For that, experimenting more with different sounds can really help.

Leaving that aside though, it seems that the US rockers are unleashing a  beast ready to take over the ears of heavy metal lovers!

Rating: 6/10

Lady Beast – Birthrite (click to listen to song)