Kissin’ Dynamite – Generation Goodbye – Album review

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When I heard that one of my favorite bands was going to make a new album, I was already excited, even though there wasn’t even anything known about it yet. After hearing more and more information about the album, I became more pumped to hear their new stuff. When Kissin’ Dynamite decided to release their first single, ‘Hashtag Your Life’, I knew that the album ‘Generation Goodbye’ was going to be a great one. I am honored to be reviewing their new work, and I’m excited to share my thoughts with you!

The album starts off with the title song of the album, ‘Generation Goodbye’, a great song to start off with. It’s not too heavy for a first song, yet not too slow as well. A perfect rhythm to start off with, along with a catchy chorus. It immediately stuck with me, and I easily found myself singing along. When I heard this song, I liked it right away, despite it being a new and different sound than what we’re used to when it comes to Kissin’ Dynamite. However, change doesn’t always mean it’s bad.

The second song had become their first single. ‘Hashtag Your Life’ is an up-tempo song, much like their older stuff. The lyrics don’t only have humor mixed into them, but also reality, as in our day and age we indeed seem to be married to social media, and have the need to constantly tell people about the lives we’re living via the internet. The song spoke to me, as I have been noticing this myself as well, but it didn’t only speak to me because of its message. It also spoke to me because it’s a great song on its own.

If Clocks Were Running Backwards’ is a slow song. It’s their second single, and in my opinion they have made a right decision as to make this their second single. The song is beautiful and touching, the lyrics tell a story, and it even made me a little emotional when I listened to it. Not only does the sound fit perfectly, the vocals are on point as well. Simply one of the best songs of the album, for sure.

We then get to another up-tempo song. ‘Somebody To Hate’ is really catchy, and the chorus is easy to sing along with. I have to say that I quickly started to like this song. The guitar riff is something that keeps getting stuck in my head as well.

The next tune, ‘She Came She Saw’ is something that I’m still not sure of. I do like the song, however, the sound is something I need to get used to. After listening to it several times, it started to grow on me, which is mostly because of the catchy chorus. However, I continue to stick with my description of ‘Marilyn Manson meets Power Metal’. It’s not bad – not at all – but it’s a sound to get used to.

Highlight Zone’ on the other hand, is another up-tempo song like we’re used to get from Kissin’ Dynamite. Once again it comes along with a catchy chorus, with lyrics which are easy to sing along with. It’s bombastic, fast, yet still pleasant. This, too, is a song I started to like after hearing it only for a little while. The vocals fit the sound of the track, together with the guitar riffs. A brilliant song, which gives off a little bit of a ‘Dragonforce’ vibe, but not too much to say it’s not their own sound anymore.

We then get to ‘Masterpiece’, which is a duet. In my opinion, this track truly is a masterpiece. The music is beautiful, the lyrics are touching, and the vocals blend in so well together. Every little element of this song seems to be perfect. It easily became one of my favorite tracks off the album, if not my favorite, something I would often listen to on repeat.

Flying Colours’ is a song of which I’m not sure as well, just like ‘She Came She Saw’. Again, I would not say that it’s a bad song, just a song that I still need to get used to. The chorus is catchy, the music is good and I do like the lyrics, however, the sound is still something I need to get used to. I’m sure it will come with time, but for now I will have to say that I like this song the least off the album.

We then come to a somewhat more up-tempo track once again with ‘Under Friendly Fire’. This tune doesn’t seem as upbeat as the other up-tempo songs, however, it truly fits the song itself, as well as the lyrics. Despite this being a newer sound as well, this sounds really well to me. The chorus is catchy and easy to sing along with. The solo is amazing, yet not over the top, and still fits the song.

Larger Than Life’ truly is one of my favorite songs of the album. Once again this is an up-tempo song. The tune is upbeat, and something I could easily dance and sing to, especially when performed life. I have to say that this tune truly fits their sound perfectly. The combination of their guitar play, the drums, the bass and the vocals… in this song, it perfectly comes together, which in my opinion makes it one of the best songs they have ever made.

With ‘Utopia’, this album sadly comes to an end. ‘Utopia’, however, is a beautiful end to an amazing album. The song is soft, though it tells a story which quickly catches your interest and attention. Despite it being a slower song, it’s bombastic and in some way touching as well. It’s unique, and I must say that it’s unique in a good way.

With this album, Kissin’ Dynamite has shown us that they’re not afraid of experimenting with their sound, though, have also shown us in what direction they truly want to go with their sound. In my opinion, it’s a sound that perfectly fits them, and ‘Generation Goodbye’ has convinced me on that one. This album shows what Kissin’ Dynamite is capable of, and shows the variety of their artwork. Once more, they have proven me that they truly belong up there among my favorite bands, and I am proud to call myself a fan. I honestly believe that buying this album is something you won’t regret at all, and you should all give them a chance to amaze you as well.