Jorn – Symphonic (2013)

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Jorn Lande, the talented and charismatic vocalist from Masterplan who is also featured in some of the best Avantasia songs has returned with a new album from his solo project: ‘Symphonic’. This record is a compilation, where all the tracks except 2 covers (Rock and Roll Children and The Mob Rules) are older tunes renewed with the presence of a symphonic background. So let’s dig in and see what’s up with this new 14 songs creation.

Most of the tracks come originally from ‘Bring Heavy Rock To The Land’, but some of them also are featured from ‘Lonely are the brave’ or ‘Out of Every Nation’. ‘Rock and Roll Children’ is a new cover from Dio that is not on the album dedicated to him; incredibly catchy and with a solid sound that would make Ronnie James proud and ‘The Mob Rules’ ( originally by Black Sabbath) is also quite interesting. There are two soft spots on the album: ‘Black Morning’, sounding like a hard rock Gotthard tune pumped up on symphonic vibes that make it stand out, and ‘Behind the Clown’ is encapsulating a beautiful flow of the melodic lines. ‘I came to rock’ and ‘A thousand cuts’ are two other highlights of ‘Symphonic’.

The downside I seem to notice in this album is the fact that there is quite a big gap between the songs that just grasp you tight with catchiness and symphonic heart stopping arrangements and tunes that even with an orchestral background don’t get that much help into sounding better.

All in all, ‘Symphonic’ was a good experiment that, I believe, any proper heavy, power metal or hard rock artist with the budget should try to attempt.

Rating: 7/10 

Jorn – Rock and Roll Children (Dio Cover) (click to listen)