In Process – Surgery EP (2013)

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In Process - Surgery

In Process is a groove metal band founded in 2006 in Helsinki, Finland. Personally I had no idea what groove metal sounds like but, if you have no idea either, to me its sound can be described as melodic death metal with tribal influences. A bit later I’ll take you through what other bands this sound reminded me of. Anyway, the band kept a low profile until 2012. In late 2012 they started working on this 5-track EP called ‘Surgery’ that will be released at the end of November (29 to be more exact). It seems that right now the guys are preparing for a full-length debut release.

I have to tell you, for a first EP these guys seem to already know what they are doing pretty fuckin’ well! I mentioned before that the sound they adopted reminds me of certain bands, so let’s see what I found here: vocally speaking the guy has a nice range alternating between clean, screams and a deep voice. Sometimes he reminds me of the guy from Avatar, sometimes he reminds me of the guy from Coal Chamber. Instrumentally the sound is very melodic and catchy using solos and a lot of loud, crunchy bass (which I personally adore because it makes the whole thing sound that much stronger!). The whole bass thing reminded me once more of Coal Chamber and Slipknot. I also absolutely love the use of the tribal drums, they give the whole thing a unique twist and keeps on reminding me of a primitive state they’re trying to bring in the music(very much like old school Sepultura). My favourite tracks are ‘I am’ which is a great opener with very catchy instrumental, and ‘Flatline’, a tribal instrumental, quite relaxing, that can be seen an intro to the last song, ‘Surgery’.

All lovely so far but the guys need to work on a couple of things: as far as the voice go, sometimes it sounds pushed, like the screams/singing don’t flow naturally. I would suggest practicing more on ranges to see which ones you feel more comfortable with and go with those more. Also, the sound needs to be a bit more polished.

However, I would say that for a first EP they did a lovely job and if you are a fan of the bands mentioned above I would suggest you go check them out!

Rating: 8/10