Huntress – Starbound Beast (2013)

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I’ll start by admitting that this is the first time I have ever listened to Huntress, but it’s never too late and it is just its 2nd album. For people who don’t know about this, Huntress is a heavy metal female fronted band (just to broadly explain it, I’ll get in details genre related later) hailing from Southern California. Its first record, named ‘Spell Eater’ was released on April 2012, and the new monster, ‘Starbound Beast’ will hit the shelves in June 28, 2013(Europe) and July 2 (North America).

Enough abstract blabbering, let’s get to the point: after I gave this album a chance I have to admit these guys show a lot of potential and I can totally understand why Napalm got them under their wing. As far as the genre discussion I promised above, I have spotted thrash elements (‘I want to fuck you to death’), rock’n’roll bits (‘Destroy your life’) and a speed-ish metal pace throughout several songs (‘Zenith’ being just one example). Another thing worth totally mentioning is the effort they seem to put in their instrumental parts (I believe every song has a solo or an instrumental part that gives it a personal touch), so one can notice the passion put in creating these tracks.

Jill was another element of surprise for me, her voice reminding me of Liv Jagrell from Sister Sin, which means she has a gritty tone and a great strength which matches greatly the instrumental bits. It actually creates a very kickass contrast in the more melodic infused songs because, while the instrumental flows more smoothly, her voice attacks and jumps at the listener’s throat. The surprise was to also hear her growl, it’s interesting to see people playing with their vocal range and experimenting ( it adds that diverse feeling).

On the other hand, there are 2 things I did not enjoy as much: in some tracks it seems that the overall pace builds the listener up for something  grandiose, but then I felt like I was left halfway through because the chorus changed rhythm completely. The other thing was that I noticed there is a big gap between the engaging melodic-until- the- end and catchy tracks and the ones that have a fast rhythm switch and a more flat instrumental.

All in all, Huntress delivers what it promises: attitude and metal!

Rating: 7/10

Huntress – Spell Eater (click to watch video)