Fear Of Domination – Ready to distort your delusions

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Saku - photo by balsara.net

A couple of weeks ago I had a lovely chat with a Finnish band that deserves way more recognition than it receives: Fear Of Domination. If you guys are into industrial or shock metal, give them a shot! Talking to Saku (vocals), Lasse (keyboards) and Johannes (lead guitars) I got insights in the new album ‘Distorted Delusions’ , future tour dates( and a possibility of travelling to Europe!) and many other awesome details about their facepaint and what elements can be found in their shows. Curious? Read below and enjoy!

Alexandra: You guys call your genre shock metal. Why did you choose this name to represent your music?

FOD: Mostly, the media gave us the ‘shock’ title because of our shows and the unusual appearance of the shows. Also, we always have something new to surprise our fans with.  Always something weird.


So what is so shocking about your shows?

You should see our shows first and tell us, haha! I think metal bands in general are headbanging, playing songs, and the normal things, but we are doing all sorts of weird stuff! For example, makeup that has been our thing going on since forever and the UV lights, pyros, circus elements, a little bit of acting. We also have a bit of dance elements in our show.


I actually had a question about your face painting, is there any inspiration behind it?

I think we mostly use it because the person on the stage is not the same like us right now. It’s like an alter ego and it provokes people and they are wondering ‘What the fuck are you doing and why?’ And with the new album we have new face paint and it looks very different than it does in normal light because we use UV light for our shows so you can imagine how that is.


What do you usually draw on your faces?

At the moment we have new masks and each member of the band has a character for their mask like a real alter ego.


That’s awesome! So is your character inspired by an animal or just yourselves and your personalities?

Different delusions like delusions of power(using a divinity figure), and we are basically drawing inspiration from the main subjects of the album.

Johannes - photo by Balsara.net

Okay so let’s talk about your new album ‘Distorted Delusions’. How would you describe it in a few words for people who have not listened to it yet?

Definitely diverse and if you heard any of our music before it is much more nuanced. It’s like the little crazy thing that we have always had but now we are trying new things.


Do you think this new path matches with your style more?

YES! The new songs are more compatible with us in the live acts. There is much more energy, a better mood, people can get into the show even more, even though we didn’t think it through when making the album. However, now tons of new songs fit into a live set.


I agree, I actually listened to it too and I find it very melodic and you can actually move on it! I also have been dying to ask who is the girl performing with you on ‘Needle’ because she has such a beautiful voice? (Guys, btw, check out the song, it’s epic!)

That is the lovely Helena Haaparanta, she has performed in Crimfall and Tacere.


I noticed your first single is ‘Legion’ and it already has a clip. So I was curious, why did you pick this track?

Well, it’s a kind of straightforward track, has a bit of a mainstream influence, a lot of melody, some headbanging parts and a big chorus. It was also one of the songs in which Lasse contributed with composition elements.


Do you guys plan any follow up singles?

We don’t know yet, we are focusing on our shows right now!


Speaking of that, I saw your tour dates and all of them are in Finland. Do you guys have plans to tour outside Finland?

We’d like to go there but there are always difficulties when trying to arrange a tour but hopefully something will happen in October.


Where would you like to go in October?

The whole Europe haha! The central parts would be fantastic like Germany, Netherlands.


I think you guys would be really welcome in Germany or the Netherlands because lots of people like industrial and melodic stuff like what you do!

We hope so too! When our new album came out, a bunch of new promoters become very interested in our band, people from Central Europe liked our new album and ‘Distorted Delusions’ really has opened some great doors to hopefully be able to tour there soon! At last!

Lasse - photo by Balsara.net

I really hope so too for you guys, although Finland is a good country to get your own music developed in, but there are already tons of other bands there.

Yes that’s true, but it’s too small and it gets really tight and hard to do a proper long show before other band has to perform after you. So it’s kinda frustrating sometimes.


I actually wanted to ask you because you have a lot of good bands in Finland, do you have any favourite bands to tour with?

There is one band, Black Light Discipline, great fellows we have had many great nights and shows with them and it would be like a dream to do a tour with them! It would be awesome because we really love their music and sound.


That’s great! Is there also a band from Finland you would like to feature with in a song?

In Finland its quite rare to see bands featuring in each other’s songs. The attitude is more like: ‘THIS BAND IS MINE!!’ and that sort of thing, haha. We have a few super-groups, that’s true, but it’s not the same thing like partying with these guys, and what we would like to do. Something I’d like to do (Saku) would be something more like a symphonic material with somebody. That would be awesome, to sing in a lower voice with no growls.


That would be a nice experiment and I’m sure your fans would love to hear that!

That remains to be seen haha! Like Rammstein made out a piano version of Mein Herz Brennt. That is one thing I would like to do with FOD like take a song and turn it into a ballad. Or let’s make an acoustic album, haha. With a banjo, that’s it we’re doing a country album! Industrial country, and if we replace the industrial sounds with cow sounds we can go full animal style!


That will be a breakthrough in the US market because they love country music!

I can see us getting there, we will make a country album for them and then at the show play our real stuff and you can see them all like ‘What the f..?’ But we don’t care that’s our ticket for New York, woohoo!


Guys, thank you so much for your time, any last words for our readers?

Buy your album, RIGHT NOW! We would love to come to Europe and give you a taste of our shows.