Dark Age – A Matter Of Trust (2013)

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Dark Age - A matter of trust(cover)

To my shame, I have to confess I have had no idea who Dark Age is, until my mailbox received the new album of the Germans from their promoters. Apparently, ‘A matter of trust’ is their seventh studio album and the guys have been rocking for 18 years now. It will officially hit the shelves on September the 6th, with the first single ‘Afterlife’.

Before I start dissecting this material, I would like to spend some lines describing the style these guys are approaching: I would say it can be overall called Alternative, but the progressive and electro elements are also present making the songs sound complete. In some tunes, you can also hear Eike, the vocalist, try out some growls creating a contrast between his usually clean use of voice. Fans of Anberlin,and bands alike would really be into this (his voice also reminds me more than a lot of Gavin Rossdale from Bush). As tracks that caught my ear from the first listen, I would take out ‘Glory’ which is a rather slow paced one but very catchy and relaxing at the same time. ‘My Saviour’ speaks to me in a million of ways based on the lyrics. I find it to be an ode dedicated to music, without the sad tone. ‘Afterlife’ and ‘Nero’ are filled with hooks meant to keep the listener entertained and the electronic synth vibes help in a great way.

The big reason why I will not rate this album a 10 is something I have mentioned above which is the fact that some songs contain growls. Don’t get me wrong, they do not sound bad, and I dig the fact that he is willing to experiment with his vocal chords (in ‘Out of time’ they actually create an interesting sound). However, overall, they give me a feeling of chaos in songs that would normally relax me or do not seem to require those vocal effects. I would suggest thinking about whether they actually blend in with the rest of the music, or if they are properly placed where they are stand.

All in all, Dark Age were a more than pleasant discovery for me, and the music seems to come from the right place: their hearts!

Rating: 8/10

Dark Age – Trusted Diaries – Part 1: the new album (click to watch)