CRASHDÏET – The Savage Playground (2013)

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The boys are back! Like any big fan of this band, I have been eagerly waiting this album for some time now and I am happy to say the waiting was worth it!

For those not familiar with them, CRASHDÏET are that band where rebels pour their heart out into sleaze laced anthems meant to be aimed at society, and to heal the oppressed, misfits and bring a young and hungry print over the music scene. This is the second album released with their third vocalist, Simon Cruz, and it seems that after the decease of Dave Lepard the guys finally found more and more their core within Simmie’s voice.

‘The savage playground’ is a raw, old school infused hell-of-a-ride! It’s different from the other records produced because, although the songs seem to go back to the roots, they are far more complex than anything  they ever created before. ‘Change The World’ and ‘Garden of Babylon’ are living examples, the latter one being 7:09 minutes long entwined with oriental riffs.  This time around, their dirty style was not only represented instrumentally: ‘Lickin’ Dog’, for example, is a quite obnoxious track when  you listen to the lyrics, although the whole melody  is relaxed and catchy. The first riffs of ‘Snakes in Paradise’ remind me of ‘Rock you like a hurricane’ from Scorpions. On the other hand, tracks like ‘Got a Reason’ and ‘Excited’ have that melancholic, vivid old school touch to them, that would instantly bring a smile on any fan of the genre, for they are killer tracks while being more soft.

I invite you all to listen to this record and join the savage playground!

Rating: 9/10

CRASHDÏET – Cocaine Cowboys (click to watch the video)