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Amoral @ Tavastia – 05.01.2017

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Amoral said their goodbye last night through a final gig in Tavastia. I’ve been listening and admiring them for a few years now and definitely wanted to be there to capture the last performance! Luckily I got the chance to do that. Below are my shots, enjoy and don’t forget to click on the photos to see the slideshow!

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Angel Rock (The Clan) – Irish Folking his way to the top

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The Clan

To be honest, I’m not a big follower of the Irish rock and folk scene, so I rarely know the bands that are parts of those genres. However, I always enjoy hearing Irish elements in songs as they usually make me feel happy and like I’d want to dance :D. One day a few weeks ago I found the guys from The Clan in my e-mail, with their new album sent over by their very awesome record label. From the first song I was intrigued, and wanted to hear more! After enjoying the entirety of their newest album, ‘All in the name of folk’ it was obvious I have to talk to these guys and find out what it is that makes them create. I found vocalist and composer Angel Rock and we had a very pleasant chat at the beginning of April. Check it out, watch their newest video below and have fun dancing!

Alexandra: ...

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Adi Bitran (Orpheus Blade) – Crafting theatrical dreams under dying stars

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A few months ago I received in my inbox an album that was already released some time ago. I read the name Orpheus Blade and was intrigued as mythology has fascinated me as a child. From the first seconds of ‘Shadows Still’ I was drawn into the wonderfully theatrical fairytale that this band stands for and knew I had to have a chat with Adi, the mastermind behind all this. What I discovered was a beautiful soul, and an instant connection. We had quite a long chat, as you can see, but I promise you it is totally worth listening to it! Enjoy and below you will find a link to the bandcamp page of Orpheus Blade so you can also get drawn into the mad fantasy of Wolf’s Cry.

Listen to Wolf’s Cry here

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Escalane – Celebrating the days of decay

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We are back from our Christmas-New Years holiday and we decided to start with an interview! Last Sunday I had a lovely Skype chat with the whole line-up of the Finnish band Escalane. The band is made out of 3 dudes and a dudette who just got their new album ‘The Days of Decay’ internationally released on January 22. It was fun getting to know them and you should check them out if you like pop and metal, as they define their genre by those terms. We discussed their first record and how it was brought to life, influences, hobbies and more. I’m looking forward to see them live! Link to their video below as well..enjoy!

Alexandra: First things first, could you please introduce yourselves and your role in the band?

Hanna: Singer and piano on the album
Juha: Songwriter and guitarist

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Lykaion – The italians are taking over

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2 Weeks ago I had the great pleasure of talking to the whole (!) line-up of Lykaion on Skype. If I could describe it in one word that would be ..hilarious. Even though their music has gothy and gloomy influences in certain parts (as well as their newest record being named ‘Heavy Lullabies’) outside the stage personas the guys I discovered were super fun, easy as hell to talk to and crazy entertaining. Check it out if you want to have a laugh while discovering a good band (link with one of their newest songs below)!

Interview Lykaion by Metaloud on Mixcloud

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Íñigo (Quaoar) – Dreamer. Dreaming

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The guys from Quaoar have a very interesting and eclectic approach to rock! I was lucky enough to receive an e-mail from them and, once I gave a listen, I had to have a chat with at least one member. Íñigo offered and this is how the conversation below was born, one evening on Facebook. I’m specifically not saying too much about them and their style, because I’d like for you to discover them through the interview below and the Bandcamp link posted under. Enjoy!

Alexandra: First of all I’m really curious about the name of the band and where it came from, or how you guys came up with it?

Íñigo: A previous singer of the band, back in 2002, was an astrology fan...

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Marius Danielsen – When big dreams turn into reality

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Me and Marius found each other on Facebook on Monday evening and we started discussing his new gigantic project (which is coming out tomorrow, by the way!) which involves around 40 musicians and a lot of fantasy elements. We discussed logistics of such a big project, inspiration processes, future ideas and more! For people who love metal operas this will be a treat and you can find a song below, under the interview. Enjoy!

Alexandra: First of all, could you tell me a little bit about yourself, where did you grow up and your musical background?

Marius: I grew up on a little island called Bolsøya, 10 minutes outside of Molde, in Norway. Molde is very known for their jazz festival, but the genre never appealed to me...

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Alexa Leroux(Shear) – Wild spirit, liberated by rock’n’roll

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Model: Alexa Leroux. Location: Helsinki, Finland. Photo: Terhi Ylimäinen

Alexa from Shear surprised me as being the most talkative Finn I’ve ever had the pleasure to discuss with. It must be that her half Ecuadorian roots were showing in our conversation. That is a good thing, it allowed me to get to know her better and I discovered a very lovely and easy to talk to person, apart from her having an absolutely killer voice! I’ll let you read all about her below and feel free to also check out the link with my favourite song from Shear which will be posted under the interview.

Alexandra: I understood you joined the band last in 2008. How did you get picked and how has the experience been so far with Shear?

Alexa: Well, I was living in Stockholm before 2008 because I was studying there, and when I came back to Finland I had a few friends in the metal scene...

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Birk and Kris (Junkyard Drive) – Upcoming Rock ‘n Roll

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Junkyard Drive (© Junkyard Drive Official Facebook page}

I’ve had a great opportunity to hold an interview with Birk (on the left) and Kris (on the right) from the band Junkyard Drive! This upcoming Old School Rock ‘n Roll band from Denmark caught my eye (or should I say ears) when I saw them at the Heavy Metal Maniacs festival a while ago, but little was known about them. This interview will tell you more about these young rockers, about their influences and their future plans!

Manon: So, to start things off. Could you tell us a little bit about yourself? Who are you, how old are you, where do you come from and such?

Birk & Kris: We are a band from Roskilde, Denmark (you know the festival right?). We started back in the spring of 2014, and had our first show in September 2014. JD is a band of 5 members including:
Kris – Lead Vocal
Birk ...

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Simple Lies – Italians just wanna have fun

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Simple Lies

Recently I had a chat with 3 of the guys from Simple Lies, a hard’n’heavy band from Italy who are currently opening for Wednesday 13 (congrats, guys!). I discovered 3 super friendly dudes who made me laugh and who are not only talented but also humble. Check what we discussed below, and under the interview a song from them:

Alexandra: Could you start by introducing yourselves and your role in the band? It’s rare that I have more than 2 people together for an interview!

Alessandro: I am Alessandro the singer and I am in the band from 2010. I’m not a former member, but the other two guys are the founders.

Alberto: I am Alberto, the lead guitarist and I founded Simple Lies in 2006.

Lello: I am Lello the rhythm guitarist and I am also here since the start.

Alessandro: As genre we are play...

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