Cardiant – Verge (2013)

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The Finnish group Cardiant will return at the end of this month (mid June for people outside Finland) with their third record. A bit about the band: their first record hit the shelves in 2005 but only for people living in Japan. In 2010 they were selected for the national Finnish semi-finals for Eurovision and moved on to the finals next to other 9 performers. For their new album, ‘Verge’,  Cardiant have a new member, Outi Jokinen that came first as a backing vocalist but later on got also lead parts.

Now let’s move on to our topic at hand: ‘Verge’. First thing I would like to mention is that, while I was browsing through the band’s description, I noticed that they have been called power metal, hard rock even AOR by some. True, I do not deny that any of these descriptions might fit certain aspects of their music, probably the label that can cover the most ground would be hard rock, but in my eyes their sound lies in so many elements that I’ll just go ahead and call them ‘soundsgoodrock’. Another thing I find very interesting is that Erik’s voice reminds me awfully much of Michael Kiske (from here maybe their power metal label).

‘Verge’ as an overall record is very catchy. A song that really stood out for me was ‘While The Ice Is Cold’ which is supposed to be, I assume, the ballad of the record, where the guys allowed Outi to showcase her vocal talents throughout the whole track. The riffs from the beginning of ‘Break your mind’ remind me slightly of Motley Crue. ‘Justice Turns Into Revenge’ has an anthem potential and ‘Heaven’s Calling’ has some interesting melodic twists and was a good choice for a single. The only downside this record has, would be the fact that, after listening to more than a couple of songs the melodic line begins to sound rather repetitive so I would suggest for the guys to maybe look into bringing more diversity to future productions like they did when they added the song ‘While The Ice Is Cold’.

All in all, if you guys dig some of the elements I mentioned above and good old Finnish backboned music, I suggest you give Cardiant and ‘Verge’ a try!

Rating: 8/10

Cardiant – Heaven’s Calling (click to watch clip)