Bring Me The Horizon @ 013, Tilburg – 21.11.2015

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Bring Me The Horizon (© Mikal de Langen)

Last Saturday evening I finally went to see Bring Me The Horizon live in 013, Tilburg, and I must stay that I have enjoyed it thoroughly. Of course, after all the events going on in Europe at the moment, I was a little nervous to go to the sold-out concert, but I haven’t regretted it one bit — and I felt quite safe as well, thanks to the security!

Beartooth was the first to take the stage. A fantastic opener, seldom have I seen such an energetic first pre-act to take the stage. Their sound was perfect. Their ability to play live should be admired, as they easily got the crowd to join them. When they asked to turn the whole floor into one giant moshpit, they obeyed. It was something I ‘ve never seen a pre-act do before. Not only that — the crowd sang along with each and every song they played, and as loud as they could. In my opinion, they could easily headline their own show some time soon here, and it would be sould-out as well.

PVRIS was the second band to play, and I’ll say right away that I expected more from them. Though I had heard of the name, I hadn’t really heard their songs. Many seemed excited at first however, but the more they played, the more the enthusiasm seemed to slip away. It was soft, and totally didn’t meet the energy Beartooth had sent through the venue. Though I do have to say I did a little dance or two as well, but only because the beats were a little catchy. Other than that, you could¬†barely understand what she was singing, as it sounded rather slurred, but perhaps that was caused by the echo effect.

Bring Me The Horizon got welcomed by a loud cheering crowd. When they got on stage, the screen behind them turned on, showing lights, symbols and in some occasions even words throughout the whole show. It was rather unique, as they didn’t use many other lights, and it truly fitted their performance.

Their sound was amazing, from the first song ‘Doomed‘ to the last ‘Drown‘. Oliver Sykes still knows how to sing and scream, despite the many negative comments and non-believers, who clearly got proven wrong with every single word they said. But not only Oliver Sykes was at the top of his game — so was the whole band. Every single one of them gave it their all.

There were several moshpits, circle pits and even a wall of death, as we’re used to when joining a BMTH concert. Seldom have I seen such bit pits, as they easily filled up the whole floor. Same counts for the volume of the crowd — sometimes they were even louder than the band itself. BMTH played a lot of songs from their last two albums ‘That’s the Spirit‘ and ‘Sempiternal‘, but also played two older songs, namely ‘Chelsea Smile‘ and ‘Blessed With A Curse‘. Still the performance of those songs were amazing.

All I can say about the concert is that it was the best concert I’ve been to this year. Everything was spot on — their sound, their vocals, the lights, the smoke canons… everything! Once again I’d like to applaud to the bands present, and the crowd as well. Now it’s time to find my lost voice and rest my aching muscles.