Black Veil Brides – Wretched & Divine: The Story Of The Wild Ones (2013)

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Writing a conceptual album is a tricky job: you need a story, a good one with a strong backbone. Then you need inspiration to turn that story into lyrics and create a perfect soundtrack for it. And you also have to make sure that, at the end of the day, your narration is easily understood by your fans and sends a meaningful message. For some bands, this sort of record requires a massive step up of their skills in order to succeed.

So what did the guys from Black Veil Brides do? They evolved! I am proud to say that since record number one, their style turned into an orderly, professionally created chaos that even big names in the metal scene like Nikki Sixx noticed. They went through their experimental phase, they found their core, what makes them shine amongst other bands in the scene, and they wrote a story with a short movie (‘Legion of the black’) to support it.

This record does not only expose a new phase in their growth as artists, this record was turned into a milestone which marks their journey through the good and the bad, the moments when people told them they will not make it as a band and the moments when they got up on stage to show what they are made of. They brought the big guns: violins and orchestral effects, a choir, trumpets, and many catchy hooks. They also have 7 tracks that serve as interludes and 2 songs featuring Bert McCracken from The Used and Juliet Simms from Automatic Loveletter.

If I did not catch your interest so far, here are the songs that serve as a highlight: ’New Year’s Day’ and ‘Days Are Numbered’ (featuring Bert McCracken) represent potent cocktails oozing with confidence. ‘We don’t belong’, a creepy and catchy tune, infused with an anthem touch to it (as they state in the song ‘an anthem of the underground’). It is a track meant to be listened by people who have been treated as misfits. ‘Resurrect The Sun’, one of the soft spots spiced up with violins and piano wrote for those moments when everything seems dark. ‘Lost it all’(featuring Juliet Simms), maybe the most complex song they have ever written begins with a simple, sad feeling to it which turns into this massive sound accompanied by a church choir, trumpets, violins and drumbeats. Last but not least, ‘In the end’, the song that served as a first single for the album.

For me this album represented a great way to start the year and it kinda made me abuse the repeat button.

Rating: 10/10

Black Veil Brides – In The End