Bjørn Brem – In love with the darkness since childhood

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Anybody who is a fan of Industrial or Dark Music must have heard at least once the name Gothminister. Since 1999, Bjørn Brem tried to turn his alter ego into something that can soothe other people with a passion for darklings aswell. ‘Utopia’, the fifth record( also a concept album) will be released on the 17th of May and, with it, the world will fall under the domination of a new force: with a new story to tell, new live appearances, a new sound more horror than ever aand..let’s not forget another interesting topic: the  Gothminister movie! Curious yet? Then click on the link below and enjoy a 30+ minutes and very pleasant interview i had with the brain behind this scary machinery:

Interview Bjørn Brem (Gothminister) (click to listen)

Gothminister – Utopia (click to listen)