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I’ve had a great opportunity to hold an interview with Birk (on the left) and Kris (on the right) from the band Junkyard Drive! This upcoming Old School Rock ‘n Roll band from Denmark caught my eye (or should I say ears) when I saw them at the Heavy Metal Maniacs festival a while ago, but little was known about them. This interview will tell you more about these young rockers, about their influences and their future plans!


Manon: So, to start things off. Could you tell us a little bit about yourself? Who are you, how old are you, where do you come from and such?

Birk & Kris: We are a band from Roskilde, Denmark (you know the festival right?). We started back in the spring of 2014, and had our first show in September 2014. JD is a band of 5 members including:
Kris – Lead Vocal
Birk – Lead Guitar/Backup Vocal
Benjamin – Rhythm Guitar/Backup Vocal
Mikkel – Bass
Claus – Drums/Cowbell…

Kris stated out as a rhythm guitarist, but when the old front singer left the band, Kris said: ‘Well, maybe I can give it a go’. Benjamin changed out the bass with a guitar, Mikkel got hired and the line-up was complete. We are 5 young rockers in our 20’s with a bad sense of humour and great taste in music!


I have indeed heard plenty of good words about Roskilde! But that’s great! I guess some humour is definitely needed in life, right? So how did you guys get together? Did you guys know each other from school or a club maybe? And how did the idea to form a band come up?

B & K: Birk played in a glam band, and Kris’ old band actually supported Birk’s band at a gig. When Birk parted ways with his band, he contacted Kris ‘cause Birk wanted to start am old school Rock ‘n Roll band like ‘AC/DC‘, ‘Guns N’ Roses‘. Claus, Benjamin and Birk went to the same school at the time.


Alright! Is your work with JD influenced by your older bands, or is this something new altogether for the both of you?

B & K: No, it’s brand new baby!


Would you say this experience is better than your previous experiences? And in what kind of way would it be better?

B & K: Well we all found out that the style we are playing now is our passion. Besides, everyone in the band likes to get crazy-drunk in Gin N’ Tonic! We have a blast when we’re doing shows, and when we’re out at clubs.


It’s good to hear that you’re having a great time with the band. I believe that’s the most important aspect of it.

You guys have released an EP “Junkyard Luxury”. What was it like to record it? Did you do it all by yourself of did you hire a producer? And what was the experience of recording the EP like?

B & K: We wrote all the tracks in the rehearsal room, and then we practiced the shit out of ourselves so the recording of the main tracks went pretty easy. Then we hired a producer to help us with the guitar dubbings, solos and vocals. We did it on 3 days in 2 different studios, and we were very satisfied with the final product. It was a cool experience, but at that time we were really eager to play our songs live, you know?


Wow, that sounds like a lot of work in just 3 days! But I can imagine that you would love to play the songs live. Are you guys already working on new songs or maybe even a new EP… or, to be wild, a full length album?

B & K: We have got a lot of new stuff, and we will enter the studio in January to record an EP with 6 tracks on it. It’s going to be recorded in Medley Studio with Soren Anderson as a producer. Soren Andersen is a well-known producer and guitarist and has played with Glenn Hughes from ‘Deep Purple’!


That’s quite a big name to be working with! What can we expect from the upcoming EP… will it be like the last one or does it have some changes to it?

B & K: The new EP will be more melodic and the songs are more well written, we will say. The old EP was very straight Rock ‘n Roll, so we tried to come up with our own sound. It’s still Old School Rock ‘n Roll, but with more influence of ourselves, instead of the old Rock legends.


That sounds exciting! I’m surely looking forward to your new stuff! When do you think the release date will be? And will a new tour follow afterwards? Or do you have gigs planned already?

B & K: We don’t have an official release date yet, but it will be in the spring of 2016. Right now we are planning a tour with another Danish band called ‘Tainted Lady‘ before the EP release. We will be touring the main cities in Denmark, but hopefully in Germany and Sweden as well. When the EP drops we will surely be touring around everywhere in every town!


That sounds promising! I’ll be sure to pick up the EP when it comes out, and I hope to catch you on one of your shows as well, whenever you guys come and rock The Netherlands again!

To stay on the topic of live shows… What bands have you toured/played with so far, and what band, would you say, was the most enjoyable to tour/play with? Have they been supportive?

B & K: We have played some shows with a German band called ‘Raygun Rebels’ in Denmark. Then we have played a show on a Danish Rock ‘n Roll club called ”High Voltage” with the band ‘The Cruel Intentions’ which is a new band formed by Lizzy Divine from the old Glam band ‘Vains of Jenna’. The gig at Heavy Metal Maniacs is by far the greatest live experience we ever had. We met a lot of cool people, and saw some great bands as well.


It’s good to know that you guys have had a great time as well! I think it’s important for the bands to have a good time as well as the audience. I believe that quite a lot of people found your show enjoying at Heavy Metal Maniacs! So, are there any bands you would love to play with in the future? Could be anyone, even your wildest dreams!

B & K: About which bands we would like to be touring, the answer will be: ‘Slash’, ‘AC/DC’ and the Danish band ‘D-A-D’. Our goal now is to be touring in the States, and our booker is already working with bookings in the US.


Those really are some great names; I would love to see you play with them! But the US is something amazing to look forward to!

Well, I believe we have reached the end of the interview by now… is there anything you’d like to say to the readers and your fans?

B & K: Well we would just recommend everyone to go and watch our shows, and remember to get drunk as fuck so the music would sound even better!


That’s a good recommendation, hahaha! Great! Thank you so much for your time, guys!