Amaranthe – The Nexus (2013)

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Amaranthe was a big hit back in 2011 –not only in their own countries, but worldwide – with the self-titled first record and an exquisite combination of pop-ish vibes with electro swirls , guitar riffs and 3 pairs of vocal chords. A few days ago, new flesh was introduced in their discography with the record ‘ The Nexus’ and the previously released video wearing the same name.

The audience loved the first album for what it brought to the table and I was one of those persons. With ‘The Nexus’, however,  I am more  curious about what other ‘faces’ can Amaranthe reveal from their sound. How can they impress again? was one of my thoughts. Digging through the record, I realised that a few songs still bear the first album’s sound and that means a rather repetitive tone. I am talking about tracks like ‘Afterlife’, ‘Invincible’ ,’Transhuman’.

However,  from ‘Theory of Everything’ on I am starting to hear what I was looking for: something new. Songs like ‘Burn with me’, (which is a great track, more mellow but incredibly catchy and different from anything they have done before), Razorblade and Electroheart which contains a very old school electro backbone are great signature tracks of this new record. If you have the deluxe edition , you will also discover two acoustic tracks from ‘Burn with me’ and ‘Hunger’. They both bring a sort of celtic sound which fits with the songs in a very unique way.  This album is, without a doubt, infused in a synthetic theme entwined with a universe, stars concept and the constant feeling of a person trying to find their place in the world, while being in touch with the machinery that keeps them alive.

The concept of this record is a very interesting one and, without a doubt, fans of melodic metal will definitely dig it.

Rating: 7/10

Amaranthe – The Nexus (click to watch video)