Alex Beyrodt (Silent Force) – A very laid back, professional German

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Most hardcore progressive/power metal fans will know from the title who this man is! Alex Beyrodt is a member of many different projects including Silent Force, Primal Fear, Voodoo Circle and others! What is really cool about this guy is that not only is he a professional, but he is also one of the nicest people to chat with. When finding out about the release – to be at that time- of the new Silent Force, I decided to have a discussion with him on Skype. A break of almost 7 years, some line-up changes and a new album were reasons enough to find out how he is balancing everything. I have to tell you, I never expected what happened: you will notice the laughter and the fun we both had doing this interview, while he made me feel like I am more than just a random reporter, like I am a friend! Thank you Alex! Guys, enjoy this interview, it was a blast for me!

Interview with Alex Beyrodt (click to listen)

Alex Beyrodt