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Tuska Festival 2018 – Day by Day Review

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There is a first time for everything, and so I had my first ever at Tuska festival. I had not much to judge it from beforehand, other than the stories of others enjoying the festival the previous years. Sadly we weren’t blessed with brilliant weather as they had predicted, but all in all it didn’t pour down on us, so we were good. Some of us (yes, that is me) even suffered a slight sunburn from it.

The festival wasn’t as big as other festivals I’ve had experienced, yet it was a decent and good size. It had three stages not too far away from each other, which was quite nice, as it didn’t take long to walk from one to another. The main stage and the tent were pretty close to each other, but never would a band play at the same time on both of them, so sound wise it wasn’t a bother at all...

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