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Angel Rock (The Clan) – Irish Folking his way to the top

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The Clan

To be honest, I’m not a big follower of the Irish rock and folk scene, so I rarely know the bands that are parts of those genres. However, I always enjoy hearing Irish elements in songs as they usually make me feel happy and like I’d want to dance :D. One day a few weeks ago I found the guys from The Clan in my e-mail, with their new album sent over by their very awesome record label. From the first song I was intrigued, and wanted to hear more! After enjoying the entirety of their newest album, ‘All in the name of folk’ it was obvious I have to talk to these guys and find out what it is that makes them create. I found vocalist and composer Angel Rock and we had a very pleasant chat at the beginning of April. Check it out, watch their newest video below and have fun dancing!

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