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Song of the week – part 5

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This article has been gone for a couple of weeks due to other things that got priority in being posted, but we’re back with recommending some cool stuff for your ears!

Manon: This week’s pick is surely a song by Bring Me The Horizon, in preparation to the concert I’ll be going to on the 21st. BMTH has been on repeat this week, and a song that I’ve been listening to a LOT (besides their newest album ‘That’s The Spirit’) has been ‘Alligator Blood’. It’s one of their older songs, but one of their strongest ones as well in my opinion. This song made waiting for the concert a lot more bearable! I hope you’ll take the time to check it out, because Bring Me The Horizon was and still is an amazing band!

Alexandra: For me this week was filled with a lot of academic studying, which is usually whe...

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