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BRAINSTORM ‘Scary Creatures’ release set for January 15th/ details unveiled

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Following up on the success of 2014’s “Firesoul” album, German power metallers BRAINSTORM didn’t waste any time to enter the studio and record a brand new masterpiece which is titled “Scary Creatures”and will hit the stores on January 15th 2016. The band continues where they left off one and a half years ago with the previous release and also mix and mastering was once again handled by Achim Koehler. But right away you feel that “Scary Creatures” is just that notch better than “Firesoul”, more anthemic, heavy and all musicians plus vocalist Andy B. Franck delivering to the max...

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Alexa Leroux(Shear) – Wild spirit, liberated by rock’n’roll

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Model: Alexa Leroux. Location: Helsinki, Finland. Photo: Terhi Ylimäinen

Alexa from Shear surprised me as being the most talkative Finn I’ve ever had the pleasure to discuss with. It must be that her half Ecuadorian roots were showing in our conversation. That is a good thing, it allowed me to get to know her better and I discovered a very lovely and easy to talk to person, apart from her having an absolutely killer voice! I’ll let you read all about her below and feel free to also check out the link with my favourite song from Shear which will be posted under the interview.

Alexandra: I understood you joined the band last in 2008. How did you get picked and how has the experience been so far with Shear?

Alexa: Well, I was living in Stockholm before 2008 because I was studying there, and when I came back to Finland I had a few friends in the metal scene...

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