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Moonspell @ Lutakko, Jyvaskyla – 04.11.2015

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On Wednesday I had the pleasure to go photograph the Moonspell gig in Lutakko. They performed with 2 opening acts: Jaded Star from Greece and Dagoba from France. I enjoyed the whole evening and it made perfect sense why those two bands were opening for Moonspell as they both had elements that the Portuguese include in their music as well. I did feel a bit bad for the bands because there weren’t a lot of people in the audience, but I still managed to snap some awesome photos!

Jaded Star 

Jaded Star Jaded Star Jaded Star Jaded StarJaded Star


Dagoba Dagoba Dagoba DagobaDagobaDagoba



Moonspell Moonspell MoonspellMoonspellMoonspellMoonspellMoonspellMoonspellMoonspellMoonspell

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Song of the week – part 4

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It’s our fourth ‘Song of the Week’ instalment and I think we both still have a ton of music to show to you guys, so here we go!

Manon: My pick for this week goes out to ‘The Drug In Me Is You’ by Falling In Reverse. This song is one of their first songs, but still one of my favorites. Though, I must say I absolutely love their new stuff as well, even though it has gained a lot of negative comments. Still, their songs give me quite a lot of inspiration, and make me sing along loudly. ‘The Drug In Me Is You’ is surely one of those songs!

Alexandra: While Manon’s song is more on the fun side, mine is a bit (okay a bit more) melancholical. I’ve seen Moonspell live this past wednesday (pics soon!) and this song just stuck to me...

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