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Simple Lies – Italians just wanna have fun

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Simple Lies

Recently I had a chat with 3 of the guys from Simple Lies, a hard’n’heavy band from Italy who are currently opening for Wednesday 13 (congrats, guys!). I discovered 3 super friendly dudes who made me laugh and who are not only talented but also humble. Check what we discussed below, and under the interview a song from them:

Alexandra: Could you start by introducing yourselves and your role in the band? It’s rare that I have more than 2 people together for an interview!

Alessandro: I am Alessandro the singer and I am in the band from 2010. I’m not a former member, but the other two guys are the founders.

Alberto: I am Alberto, the lead guitarist and I founded Simple Lies in 2006.

Lello: I am Lello the rhythm guitarist and I am also here since the start.

Alessandro: As genre we are play...

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