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Heavy Metal Maniacs Festival @ P60, Amstelveen – 17.10.2015

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Kissin' Dynamite (© Manon Donkersloot)

Last Saturday, the 17th of October, I went to visit the Heavy Metal Maniacs Festival in P60, Amstelveen. It was a small festival, with six bands in the line-up and a single stage. Though there were only six bands playing, there was a great variety of genres. I’ll be giving you a short review of the amazing day I’ve had.

The band to start the day was Snaggletoöth, a Dutch Motörhead cover band, and had all the right to call themselves that. Not only did they sound quite like Motörhead, but the looks were alike as well. They mostly played some classics, such as “Ace of Spades” and “Overkill”, which was greatly appreciated by the crowd. It was a great band to start off with, which surely warmed us up for what was about to come.

Junkyard Drive was the second band to take the sta...

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