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Powerwolf @ Doornroosje, Nijmegen – 04.10.2015

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Powerwolf (© Jeroen Steinbruckner)

On Sunday the 4th of October I went to see Powerwolf in Nijmegen at the venue Doornroosje. My friends had bought me a ticket for my birthday, and I must say I was quite excited to see them, even if their newest album did disappoint me a little.

Xandria was the first band to take the stage. The Female fronted Symphonic Metal band surely surprised me. I had heard of the name before, but hadn’t paid much attention to them. Yet, their performance surely changed that. Their songs were unique, both their music and the lyrics. Her voice reminded me of Tarja Turunen, and fitted the music perfectly. The solos they played were crazy and beyond imagination, even though the guitar player made it look like it was so easy...

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