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Song of the week – part 1

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While brainstorming about what kind of new articles to bring to the readers of this webzine, a topic called ‘Song of the week’ seemed very appealing! This way, we can introduce you to some new music and we’d love to hear from you in the comments as to what your favourite song of the week has been! So from now on, every Sunday, me and my co-writer Manon will pick two tracks that we really enjoyed during this week!

Manon’s pick: 

The song that has been stuck on repeat a lot this week was one by Powerwolf. I haven’t listened much to their newest album yet, but the one track that spiked my interest was surely ‘Armata Strigoi’. To me, it sounds different than the other songs on the album, and different from what they have done in the past as well...

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