2015 Favourites

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2015 is close to taking its last breath and we wanted to see what amazing inspirational creations in terms of movies and albums or songs have left a big impression for musicians all over the world this year. We got some really good responses, lots of new inspirational stuff to look into, and had fun putting together this article. Read below their recommendations and ours (right at the end) and leave us a comment here or on social media with yours!


Henrik Björkgård (Velvet Six)

Favourite movie: I think the best movie I’ve seen in 2015 so far is Mad Max: Fury Road because I love the post apocalyptic theme.

Favourite album/song: I can’t name one “best” album but i think Alabama Shakes:Sound & Color , Faith No More:Sol Invictus , Killing Joke:Pylon are all very good albums.


Lari (Shear)

Favourite movie: Red Army – This is a fascinating documentary about the soviet hockey team during the cold war era in the 70s and 80s. Although at first glance it only looks like a historical sports documentary, it is in fact a dive into the political depths of the former Soviet Union and the tension between the east and the west during that time.

Favourite album/Song: Ghost – Meliora / Ghost – He Is – This album is my absolute favourite of all the released Ghost albums so far. While it is still the same band as before, I love how they have evolved their music for their third album. I am huge fan of catchy and cheesy melodies in general, and Ghost have managed to combine their signature sound with some of these elements better than ever before. Tracks like He Is and From the Pinnacle to the Pit are perfect examples of this. Amazing album overall!


Rupert (Darkhaus)

Favourite movie: James Bond – Spectre – Because I am a Bond fan since Dr. No. For me it’s the perfectly entertaining mix of action, style and that british sense of humour. And it’s the only movie I went to the cinema for. I’m not a big movie-guy at all.

Favourite album/song: Eat The Gun – Howlinwood – Maybe the best contemporary Rock album of 2015. For me it’s a more melodic but still edgy version of Danko Jones.


Rich Hinks (Annihilator)

Favourite film: I don’t watch too many films, I’m still catching up on ones I missed from other years, but I did enjoy Inside Out for something nice and lighthearted. Mad Max was a good watch for lots of explosions too!

Favourite album/song: After a 9 year wait, Sikth have finally returned and created a mini album called Opacities that is definitely one of the finest releases of the year, and definitely on-par with their other albums from way back when. With the glut of bands now making technical, avant-garde style progressive metal, Sikth show why they’re considered forerunners in the style, and that they should have a much larger following (and keep making albums!). Favourite song: Disintegrate by Meta-Stasis. This song is full on brutal, mixing technical death metal elements and contemporary styles of bands such as Slipknot and The Faceless. This track really stood out for me as it has great melodic hooks, catchy riffs, while still being heavy and technical. I don’t often pick up an album of the merit of one track, but I couldn’t resist after hearing this one!


Rainer (Diablo)

Favourite movie: Chappie – It’s a both tragicomic and refreshing story of police droid which is stolen and reprogrammed again for criminal purpose. It shows how much family circumstances could mold artificial intelligence as well as human mind.

Favourite album/song: I have been listening lately a lot the new Fear Factory album called Genexus. It’s quite a solid album and it offers a good way to dissolve the aggressions behind the steering wheel during the business travels. It seems that I’m really into sci-fi this autumn?


Stam (Mustasch)

Favourite movie: I usually save all the good movies for Christmas, so even if I know that The Martian is gonna blow my mind, I’d have to say Spectre for now. The new Bond movies are better than ever with the duo Sam Mendez and Thomas Newman behind the controls.

Favourite album/song: Ghosts’ new album Meliora with the song Cirice. Undoubtedly and by far the best album and song of the year! Maybe even for the last ten years. We’ve listened to the album every day in the tour bus since the end of August. Psych ward, I am soon to be admitted. 🙂


Marcela Bovio (Stream of Passion)
Favorite movie: I haven’t watched many movies this year! But I really enjoyed Insurgent; I’m a bit hooked on the trilogy craze of the past couple of years!

Favorite album/song: Leprous – The congregation is a magnificent album; I was a big fan of the band already but this album has taken them to a completely new level. Great songs with lots of depth, very cool arrangements and a wonderful vocalist!


Elysion (the whole band):

Movie: Southpaw – Southpaw has a very strong script and Jake Gyllenhaal’s interpretation is just stunning!
Album/Song: Iron Maiden – The Book Of Souls – …It’s just Iron fucking Maiden!

Favourite movie: Southpaw – for me too! Beautiful scenario great acting from both Jake Gyllenhaal and of course Forest Whitaker very touching movie.
Favourite album/song: God is an astronaut – Helios Erebus – whatever this band does is just perfect! Just like that…huge fan of them! If you like post rock i recomend this band 110%!

Favourite movie: Well,there were quite a few movies i enjoyed but i recently watched Child 44 and think it may have been my favorite for 2015…awesome photography and theme,true-story inspired, amazing performances!
Favourite album/song: As for a song,I will go for Disturbed’s Vengeful One. This band’s groove and energy never fail to amaze me, not to mention that David Draiman is one of my top-favorite vocalists!

Favourite movie: The Martian
Favourite album: The Book Of Souls – Iron Maiden

Johnny Zero
Favourie movie: Terminator Genisys As for the movie,weird as it may sound, i cannot resist the thrill of Arnie’s comeback,so i more than enjoyed Terminator!

Favourite album: The Book Of Souls  When the world’s greatest metal band ever has something new to say,everyone listens… so,definitely The Book Of Souls by the kings Iron Maiden.


Robert (Nitrodive)
Favourite movie: Star Wars – The Force Awakens – Even though it hasn’t come out yet but having seen the trailer we think it’s gonna be the best movie of 2015

Favourite album/song: Refused – Freedom – After almost 10 years they finally released a very anticipated album that has thought-provoking texts and explosive riffs that are really memorable and catchy. They’ve also mixed the old style in with the new really well.



Favourite movie: Star Wars Episode VII – The Force awakens – This is my favourite movie of the year! Haven’t seen it yet since it hasn’t premiered yet but it ought to be something special! If not we can always watch Fletch one more time.

Favourite album/song: Concealed Blade – Demo 2015 – Raw, Dive-bomb-infested, Bang-on-the-beetroot, 80’s style hardcore! 7 songs in 8 minutes, just the way it should be. If Santa just printed a 7″ of this little gem it would surely be the Christmas gift of the year. http://concealedblade.bandcamp.com/album/demo-2015


Saku Solin (Fear of Domination)

Favourite movie: Beasts of No Nation – This movie was really… Something. It’s not meant to be entertaining in a way people usually think. It’s a brutal showing of child soldiers in Africa and how they are raised to be a little more than beasts. Stunned would be the accurate word to describe my reaction. I always love movies that really have a purpose. Usually that means that they are crude and realistic but hey who said this world is always beautiful? Sad tale to watch and some might say disgusting but because of those strong emotions this was so good.

Favourite album/song: Parov Stelar -The Demon diaries – Don’t believe what they say -Totally in love with this song. Everytime I hear it it wakes up something inside me. Love the little broken lady’s voice and the melody. When you say that it’s the song with a meaning for you this would be the one for me. Countless nights I’ve just lied on my couch watching the roof and letting this song take over my mind. And for that little moment all the worries just vanish. Totally one of the best songs I’ve ever encountered!


Helena Haaparanta (Crimfall/Valo)

Favourite movie: Avengers: Age of Ultron, most definitely, when it comes to movies. Amazing piece! And to know that most of the dialog has been improvised on set, makes me appreciate it even more.

Favourite songs/albums: I have to mention Eivør‘s amazing, healing album Bridges. An unbelievably talented pharoese singer-songwriter, whose career hasn’t yet taken flight in Europe as big as I would wish it to take. I highly recommend. Her voice is just gorgeous, and the courage she uses it with is amazing. And the songs… ohh!! The songs. Especially the title song. Omg.


Chandler Mogel (OUTLOUD)

Favourite movie: My favorite movie this year is probably the new James Bond film.  It’s maybe not the best Bond movie but any Bond movie could be considered great!

Favourite album/song: My favorite album so far this year is Radio Exile (yes it’s an album I sang on!).  But I can listen to it as an album and it’s sooooo good!!!! (not biased just telling the truth!!! 🙂 My favourite song is, well, I haven’t listened to much from this year – but I really like that new Adele song!!!!


Dave (Hell In The Club/Elvenking)

Favourite Movie: I will say the new Star Wars even if hasn’t been released yet.  I’m too much of a nerd to not mention it 😛 Talking about released movies I still miss some but as a horror fan I will say Green Inferno by Eli Roth, a very nice homage to the old glorious Italian cannibal movies of the 70’s.

Favourite album:  It’s always very difficult for me to pick just one. can I name at least four? Haha yes I will!– Jorn Lande & Trond Holte – Dracula, Swing of Death
– Iron Maiden – The Book os Souls
– Cradle of Filth – Hammer of the Witches
– Backyard Babies – Four by Four

Favourite song: Backyard Babies – Thirteen or Nothing


Jani Stefanovic (Solution .45)

Favourite movie: I haven´t seen any particular movie that made an impact during 2015 so far. But i have been totally hooked on The Walking Dead TV series. I just started out with season 1 in early 2015 and marathon watched all the seasons up to date. I´m actually not that fond of the typical zombie slasher type of thing at all but the story telling and the whole feeling just grabbed me on this. 

Favourite album/song: A couple of albums that i have enjoyed alot lately is Carpark-North – Phoenix and Tesseract – Polaris.  Carpark North is a band I just recently discovered and i enjoy their versatile approach with a bit of electro elements combined with a good rock approach. 

With Tesseract it was more a accident. I had checked out their previous albums and could enjoy pieces here n there but nothing drastic. Actually don´t know what it is with this new album Polaris that just caught me. I just liked that it almost didn´t feel metal at all, it is very soft and has a great ambient vibe to it with really cool atmospheric parts combined with nice groovy rhythms. What i also like about the album is how they held back with the aggression and distortion. The have the heavy grooves but with a quite gentle tone which i liked alot. Gave it a very unique approach. So this was a pleasant surprise.


Adi Bitran (Orpheus Blade)

Favourite movie: Ted 2 – Well, I’m a sucker for comedies, especially those of the really stupid / crazy kind. I have my reasons: after a long day at the office doing lots of thinking and hacking, I need something that doesn’t require much brain work. As for action movies, nothing good was released after 1995, dramas make me fall asleep and horror/slasher movies have never really affected me (I remember having a good dinner with Texas Chainsaw Massacre in the background). So at least let’s get a good laugh, right?

I have to admit that I didn’t really like the first Ted movie, but the follow up is just hilarious. Especially after anticipating Hot Tub Time Machine 2 for so long and realizing it’s a pretty crappy follow-up, with this one I had no expectations and it was surprisingly good! Lots of dirty jokes, crazy moments and Seth MacFarlane – just how I like it. Along with drugs, sperm and nonsense you also have a heartwarming story of fighting against all odds with more of a hinted scent of criticism against “the system”, pointing a big middle finger at it really, which makes Ted 2 more than just another high-school comedy.It’s not a 80s classic (as I like ‘em) and has certainly not made it to my all-time hall of fame – but it has its moments.

Favourite album/song: Ureas – The Black Heart – As a metal reviewer and a musician, it’s very hard for me to find something that would touch my very insides and make me shiver. True, there are lots of good albums out there, but not so many new ones which really set their own place in your heart – a place reserved only for them. To me, it seems like most bands settle for an awesome sound and great musicianship, but lose some “soul” in the way.

That’s why I was so thrilled to discover Ureas, which have been around for quite a while and never received the publicity they deserve. It’s their second album, but singer and mastermind Per Johansson has been participating in many projects over the years (The band Third Eye is a personal favorite as well). With help from his wife Heidi who mutually “conceived” this baby with him, Mike Lepond of Symphony X, Jacob Hansen (who has also mixed and mastered our own Orpheus Blade album) and many more stars of the Danish scene, this album simply kicks ass – and not only in terms of sound and quality.

I won’t be exaggerating if I said it’s the best release since Beyond Twilight – The Devil Hall of Fame or Pain of Salvation – Remedy Lane – two of my all-time favorites. Per is a crazy wonderful singer who is not afraid to express himself in many ways, Heidi owns an enchanting unique voice which lures you in, and each song tells a different page of the bigger story, all combined to a chilling, mind-blowing journey.

In the first time for the last couple of years, I had goosebumps while listening to “The Valley”, the first single released. I felt mesmerized, afraid and on the edge of insanity as these singers have led me inside a world full of emotions, backed with wonderful musicians that have created an atmosphere so strong you could easily lose yourself in .It is crazy in such a total way, which is refreshing in the genre – as if the whole band took a trip to hell and back and weren’t afraid to tell about it. And the versatility! Per is one of the best singers I’ve ever heard, both technically and emotionally – with a hint of a Kelly Carpenter style. So if you miss good old Beyond Twilight, check this one out!
Recommended tracks: “Black Heart”, “The Valley”, and, well – all of them.


Markus Vanhala (Omnium Gatherum)

Favourite Movie: Star Wars – The Force Awakens – Of course, i still haven’t even seen the film yet but as an old Starwars-o-holic only the trailer does the business already! I’m waiting more the old school vibe for these new ones. May the force be with us all!

Favourite song/album: Amorphis – Under The Red Cloud – This album did the trick for me. Happy to see that also old bands can surprise with their old recipe. Good songs, awesome mood and feel, really really Finnish in all it’s melancholy, still catchy though. Back in the day this band among the Sentenced was the bands that inspired us to follow this path. They’re still here kicking ass on top of their game!


Last but not least..


Favourite movie: Mad Max: Fury Road – Now I don’t know if it was just my constant love for beautiful colour schemes and amazing special effects but this movie blew my mind! Everything in it seemed incredibly thought about, the attention to details absolutely wonderful and the acting really good as well.

Favourite album/song: Bring me the horizon – That’s The Spirit – This album kicks major butt in so many ways! First of all, you experience the musical growth of these guys, who are getting better and better at what they do! It’s an eclectic record, combining the old with the new in a very graceful way. As far as my song choice, I will pick Oh No, the closing track, quite different and way calmer than their usual stuff but it felt very good to see them try out something different and nail it!



Favourite movie: My favorite movie of the year is definitely Jurassic World. It has been a long time since I’ve seen the Jurassic Park movies, and to see it come to life again was something I had never imagined. I loved the story, the action and the humour they mixed into the movie, and I would love to watch it again some time, which is a good sign coming from me!

Favourite album/song:  I must say that That’s the Spirit by Bring Me The Horizon is my favorite album released in 2015. Short after “Sempiternal” was released, I was already looking forward to their new album. While singles were being released, I only got more and more excited, and I haven’t been let down when the album was finally released. I’ve had it on repeat for days, and still I often listen to it. On top of that was their concert the best concert I’ve been to this year, as the whole experience altogether was simply amazing. Another album that came to my mind was Just Like You by Falling In Reverse, which was my favourite album until BMTH released their album. Because I still want to honor that album, I’ll pick a song from it as my favorite song of the year, which is the song Chemical Prisoner. The mixture of different styles fits this song perfectly, and the lyrics are truly enjoyable as well. Out of all the songs on the album, this song has been on repeat a lot, mainly because it’s so catchy. I would truly recommend listening to it!