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Diabulus in Musica – Breathing contrasts and art through their music

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Diabulus in Musica, photographer: Fernando Lezaun

Last week, on the 11th of April, the newest record ‘Argia’ from the symphonic metal band Diabulus in Musica saw the light of the day. It was the same day that I had the honor of chatting with Zuberoa (lead vocals) and Gorka (keyboards and growls) and discovered I was discussing with two dedicated souls working extremely hard to get their art out there, for all of us to hear. The interview later on (after about 20 minutes) turned into a friendly discussion where we were just exchanging opinions about the music industry and how bands try to make it nowadays. This was definitely one of my favourite interviews to date, especially because I got the feeling for a brief moment that I am more than just an interviewer, I am a friend. Enjoy and don’t forget to check out ‘Argia’!

Skype interview wit...

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