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Fear Of Domination – Ready to distort your delusions

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Saku - photo by balsara.net

A couple of weeks ago I had a lovely chat with a Finnish band that deserves way more recognition than it receives: Fear Of Domination. If you guys are into industrial or shock metal, give them a shot! Talking to Saku (vocals), Lasse (keyboards) and Johannes (lead guitars) I got insights in the new album ‘Distorted Delusions’ , future tour dates( and a possibility of travelling to Europe!) and many other awesome details about their facepaint and what elements can be found in their shows. Curious? Read below and enjoy!

Alexandra: You guys call your genre shock metal. Why did you choose this name to represent your music?

FOD: Mostly, the media gave us the ‘shock’ title because of our shows and the unusual appearance of the shows. Also, we always have something new to surprise our fans with...

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