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Kenny Hanlon (Darkhaus) – Ready to take over the world

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Darkhaus by Carolin Czesna-10

I’m just going to start by saying that the next band is awesome! Darkhaus is the brainchild of Rupert Keplinger(a multi-platinum songwriter), Gary Meskil (founder of the hardcore band Pro-pain), Marshall Stephens (also from Pro-Pain), german drummer Paul Keller and, last but not least, vocalist Kenny Hanlon. Its debut album is going to be out at the end of November, and from what i have heard so far, Darkhaus has a very fresh sound combining electro elements with rock and a bit of alternative sounds. Therefore, I took the chance of interviewing Kenny (vocals) and I have to tell you guys this was one of the most fun interviews i have done in a while. So, thank you Kenny, and you guys go check them out! Enjoy!

Interview with Kenny Hanlon (click to listen)

Darkhaus by Carolin Czesna-2

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Tarja released a new clip

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Tarja - Colours in the dark cover

Tarja Turunen (former vocalist of Nightwish) has released a new clip for the song ‘500 Letters’, taken from her newest record ‘Colours in the Dark’. Below you can enjoy the video:

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