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In Process – Surgery EP (2013)

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In Process - Surgery

In Process is a groove metal band founded in 2006 in Helsinki, Finland. Personally I had no idea what groove metal sounds like but, if you have no idea either, to me its sound can be described as melodic death metal with tribal influences. A bit later I’ll take you through what other bands this sound reminded me of. Anyway, the band kept a low profile until 2012. In late 2012 they started working on this 5-track EP called ‘Surgery’ that will be released at the end of November (29 to be more exact). It seems that right now the guys are preparing for a full-length debut release.

I have to tell you, for a first EP these guys seem to already know what they are doing pretty fuckin’ well! I mentioned before that the sound they adopted reminds me of certain bands, so let’s see what I found...

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