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Robert Dahlqvist – In charge of his destiny

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Robert Dahlqvist Solo Cover

Robert Dahlqvist has been in the rock scene for some time now, performing in a band called The Hellacopters. However, a few years ago he decided that he wants to release something that sounds purely like him. So he created ‘Solo’, his first solo album. I loved this record from the first moment. Although it is sung in Swedish and I do not understand a word, the melodies are so soft and relaxing that I am taken into another world from minute 1. Mostly acoustic or rock’n’roll, the songs carry old school influences and melancholy. This album has quickly become a favourite of mine when I need to unwind. Therefore I thought it would be lovely if I could take a brief interview of Robert, nothing too fancy, but just something for you guys to get to know him...

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