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Darkhaus releases video for ‘Ghost’

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Darkhaus by Brian David Braun

Synth-Rock band Darkhaus (featuring members like Rupert Keplinger, known from his work in Eisbrecher or Gary Meskil, known from Pro-Pain), has released its first video ‘Ghost’. The song is taken out of the first album of the band, ‘My Only Shelter’, to be released at the end of November. Enjoy!


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MONKEY3 – The 5th Sun (2013)

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Monkey3 - The 5th sun cover

I don’t know much about MONKEY3 and I had no idea what psychedelic Stoner Rock would sound like. I mean I could imagine but it is way better to hear it. After listening to ‘The 5th Sun’, I got its meaning: this is music you can use to escape reality and emerge in your own fantasy world(s). As far as the MONKEY3 goes, it is a Swiss band and this record is its fourth, containing influences from bands like Porcupine Tree, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin. The album is already out in a couple of European countries, but most of them will receive it after 30 October.

So, how does ‘The 5th Sun’ sound like? A few songs seem to have a similar recipe: the track starts off stronger with more guitars and drums used in a rather progressive manner and after a few minutes, it seems like the music has ...

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