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Phoenix (Junkyard 69) – A rock’n’roll child

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Junkyard 69

Here is my confession: I love Rock’n’Roll, Glam and Sleaze metal! I also love the fact that there are more than a few bands out there willing to revive the old school spirit with a new polish. Most of them come from the Nordic countries (Sweden, Finland), however, I managed to find a very talented band coming all the way from Greece. They are called Junkyard 69. Last night I had a fun conversation with one of their members, Phoenix, and I found out some very interesting stuff, so enjoy this interview and listening to a band who shows potential:

Alexandra: First of all, could you introduce yourself briefly and tell us your role in the band?

Phoenix: I’m Phoenix and I play rhythm guitar in Junkyard 69.

How did you guys meet and decide to form a band?

The four of us were childhood friend...

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